Live Germ-Free With This Must-Have No Touch Tool!

COVID-19 is unarguably responsible for giving birth to some new categories of products we never thought we’d need in the future! Masks, gloves, and other protective accessories have never been so crucial to us than now!

The way masks or gloves evolved from medical necessities to fashion items; a touch-free tool is the newest Coronavirus safety accessory that is soon to become a status item! Just like masks, these practical accessories are not going anywhere!

In fact, all sorts of industries, be it hotel industry, real estate, or fashion, consider it a new category offering to live germ-free while returning to normal life. Thus, it is sure to see explosive growth.

Why So Much Buzz Around A No-Touch Tool

Viruses vary in sizes! The smallest of the viruses is just 20 nm in diameter, while the largest one measures around 400 nm. If the human hair is 60k nm in diameter, imagine how many billions of viruses can fit on that one hair!

Further, when it comes to the door handles, elevators, car doors, ATM buttons, or surfaces you regularly come in contact with, there might be more microorganisms than you could think. They may measure more in numbers, especially in the times of pandemic like COVID 19.

While using hand sanitizers, wearing gloves when you are out, limits your exposure to the viruses, a cleankey or a touch-free tool goes an extra mile! 

Using a no-touch tool means no part of your body will be exposed to the virus hotspots, such as the door of a taxi, the door handle of a public restroom, beverage bottles, or keypad of the gas pump as you fill-up the car.

Thus, a touch-free device is like a germ-free key that serves as an extension of your fingers. It acts as a protective shield between you and the surfaces you come in contact with. It would be practically unavoidable otherwise in the course of life during the coronavirus outbreak.

That’s why it has become so important to enter the touch-free tools. There are plenty of no-touch tools online for sale, we have found the best one to help you-

Copper Alloy No-Touch Tool

Copper and brass have antimicrobial properties. Despite their antimicrobial properties, a traditional copper or brass tool can easily contaminate the things you carry along, such as keys, pocket purse, phone, etc.

However, the new touch-free tools are made of copper alloy that helps you avoid the frequently touched public surfaces and prevent the spread of pathogenic microbes.

Whether it is an elevator button, ATM touch screen, dirty bathroom door, you can open everything safely while avoiding the point of contact.

The best thing is you can add this germ-free key to your key ring or attach it to your bottle opener. Besides, you can also attach it to your backpack, or wear it as a pendant.

Wear Your Clean Key Visibly

Just the way masks are a tool of outward expression; the touch-free tools can be considered as something more interior. Like the lucky charms, these simple yet useful devices can live in your pockets. They’ll keep you reminding that microbes are everywhere.

Moreover, if you follow fashion, you know that utility is just one part of why we buy something. For example, wearing sneakers is more about reflecting your personality than working out. 

In the time of the corona outbreak, one of the most significant things you can convey is that you are aware of the dangers lurking on almost every surface. You take precautions to pause the spread of disease.


If masks can go from treacherous to a trendy item, why can’t this no-touch tool enter to the world of fashion or an everyday use commodity? It will ensure that you and your loved ones don’t get exposed to any deadly virus.

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