Know All About Pediatric Orthodontists

The one misconception that most children and raised into are the idea that brushing once or twice a day is more than sufficient oral care. But this is not quite accurate and is more than just misleading. Misinformation is the main reason why so many children suffer from dental diseases. It is especially prominent in children who have a sweet tooth. The carbohydrates get stuck between the teeth and just stay there.

Over the course of time, they start to attract bacteria of different sorts that start eating away at the enamel of the teeth and eventually eat right through the teeth till they are rotten. But these are not the only type of dental problems that children end up having. Lots of children also have problems in their gums and teeth due to some nutrient deficiencies. To this is the end, it is very important to undergo routine checkups at a reputed clinic or dentist’s office. A great place to get a checkup for children is at Roswell Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics.

Some of the most common dental problems that affect children include:

  • Tooth Decay: This is by far, the most common problem of all among children. The primary cause of tooth decay is the intake of food rich in carbohydrates. This is applicable to cookies, fruit roll-ups. Jellies, chocolates, and soft drinks. The combination of these sugars and the acid in our mouth causes the mineral structure of teeth to break down steadily.
  • Scurvy: This is not a problem related to the teeth, but rather to the gums. A deficiency of Vitamin C can cause gums to bleed and rupture. It can also result in softer gums. The worst bit is that most people think that using lemon juice to clean the teeth can stop this. But in reality, the acid in lemon juice can cause enamel decay. The cure is to eat more citric fruits.
  • Misaligned Jaws: Lots of people inherit misaligned jaws and it requires a realignment by a professional. Ignoring it can lead to a severe toothache and disturbance. The main problem is that the bites of the individual are disproportioned and can hurt the inner cheeks and gums. The best thing to do is to visit an orthodontist to get the jawline realigned.
  • Sensitive Teeth: The milk teeth that children grow are sensitive compared to the permanent teeth. However, even our permanent teeth gradually become sensitive with old age. Nonetheless, hot and cold beverages or food can affect both children and elderly people because of teeth sensitivity. One reason why parents are encouraged to make sure their children use good toothpaste is to avoid such teeth condition.
  • Grinding: Bruxism or grinding is an involuntary habit and a common problem for children during their developmental stage. Grinding can be an effect both primary and permanent teeth and needs immediate care and attention.

Having dental problems should not be the cause of shame in children and it is the parent’s responsibility to look after this aspect of their child. Most children are actually intimidated by the idea of a dentist yanking out their teeth. It is highly important that they understand that a dentist is meant to help alleviate their pain. If left untreated, dental conditions can cause far worse pain and suffering and in certain cases, they remain as a lifelong hindrance to the child. Taking some preventive measures never go amiss either. The best practices are to brush and rinse after every major meal of the day and floss at least once a day. Consult an experienced dentist for proper measures in oral hygiene.

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