Is There a GPA Requirement for the Excelsior College Scholarship?

Choosing a degree program can be daunting. For those that live in New York state, choosing a SUNY or CUNY might seem appealing. Outside of New York, you may still want the top quality education that a SUNY school can provide without relocating. You also know that you don’t want to pay SUNY prices. That’s where Excelsior College can help. It’s an affordable degree program that won’t leave you with FAFSA debt. But what about an Excelsior scholarship?

Excelsior scholarship basics

Determining eligibility for an Excelsior scholarship is as easy as visiting the Excelsior website. While you’ll still need to fill out a FAFSA form, once it’s been processed with Excelsior’s college code, you’ll be considered for the Excelsior scholarship without further input on your part. To fill out the FAFSA, you’ll need relevant personal info like an email address and tax information. If you’re struggling to find any of the requisite items, you can opt to leave certain sections blank. Keep in mind, however, that this can certainly impact your pending financial aid package and scholarship eligibility.

An Excelsior scholarship can take many forms. Many Excelsior College scholarships are program-specific or aim to cater to women and minorities. While a majority of them don’t have any specific GPA requirements, it’s important to note that the David W. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund does require students in preferred programs to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to be considered. If at any point you’re struggling with the completion of the FAFSA form or for any reason you’re unable to complete it, you can email This email address can also provide you with information about specific scholarships and help guide you towards ones that will be most applicable to your chosen educational path.

Why choose Excelsior?

Now that you know a bit about the Excelsior scholarship, it’s important to have information on the college itself. Excelsior College is based in Albany, New York, but admits distance learners from all around the country. This is because Excelsior utilizes a hybrid educational model. While they do offer traditional, in-person classes they also offer degree programs that can be completed strictly online. This means that you can acquire your degree without ever taking a face-to-face course. Naturally, if you prefer in-person instruction and Albany appeals to you, there’s nothing stopping you from taking traditional courses, either. Excelsior is well-known for giving students a great deal of freedom of choice. Essentially, you’re allowed to learn in the way that suits you best. Excelsior College is also an excellent option for those that are in the mid-career stages of their lives. If you’re a busy career professional that doesn’t have the time or availability for regularly-scheduled courses, you can still take an online course with Excelsior that won’t interrupt your workflow.

Another reason Excelsior College is loved by both current and former students is its robust nursing degree program. If you’re interested in the healthcare field, taking nursing courses with Excelsior is the best way to get the education you need. You’ll have the opportunity to be taught by members of the National League for Nursing and even take the requisite exams and receive licensing to become a member yourself. There are plenty of nursing-specific options for the Excelsior scholarship, too, if finances are holding you back from your educational goals.

If you’re interested in becoming a student at Excelsior College, you’re in good company. Take a look at the Excelsior scholarship options and make sure that you’ve filled out your FAFSA. That way, you’ll see if you qualify for an Excelsior scholarship and can begin planning your future in academia.

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