Is A Hair Transplant the Right Choice for You?

We often consider hair loss to be a problem that only impacts males however this is not the case. As women age they too can lose their hair. You might notice that your parting increases in size or you could even see that more hair comes out when you brush. If you start to suddenly notice large clumps of hair falling out, you could be suffering from hair loss. This can be caused by stress, medical conditions and may even be hereditary. Don’t despair if your hair begins to thin though because there are options available. You can think about getting a hair transplant.

On this article, we’re going to provide all the information you need about this procedure so you can determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

Who Does It Benefit?

You might assume that all women are good candidates for a hair transplant however this is not the case. Most women will suffer from diffuse hair loss. The issue here is that the sites where hair is usually removed for the hair transplant are also impacted. As such, a hair transplant would not be effective.

However, other women will benefit from this type of procedure. You might have suffered from hair loss due to a medication condition such as alopecia. Or, you could be worried about covering areas that have been impacted by plastic surgery. You might also have suffered from a distinct pattern of hair loss and this could be due to issues with trauma. If any of these variables are true, then a hair transplant could be the right decision for you. You should consult an expert on whether this is the right form of treatment.

How Much Is It?

Depending on the extent of your hair loss, you could be looking at anywhere between one and thirty thousand for this procedure. You will also notice that different clinics have various prices depending on the type of procedure you have. It is very expensive, so be certain that this is what you want before you pay this large sum of money.

What Is Involved?

There are two ways in which a hair transplant can be carried about. The first is follicular unit extraction. For this procedure your head will be entirely shaved, a special device is used to remove any individual grafts of hair, and then these grafts will be placed into small incisions that have been made on the scalp. While this procedure does often take a full day, you will not usually be required to stay overnight.

The second option is follicular unit transplantation, also known as the strip method. Slightly different from the one we just mentioned as the head does not need to be shaved for this as only the necessary area will be trimmed. A strip of skin that has hair on it is removed from your head and then separated into individual grafts of around two hairs. Once this has been done, the grafts will be placed into small incisions that have previously been made to the back of the head, and then closed with stitches. Again, for this procedure, it is likely to take all day but you should not be required to stay overnight.

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