Infographic: New Work Trends

In an increasingly digital world the way in which we communicate with each other in the workplace is constantly evolving. The latest work trend is the ‘BYOD’ (‘Bring your own device’) model whereby workers bring their own devices to work, rather than relying on their company for electronics. A study by Dell found that two thirds of businesses who were using the BYOD model saw an increased level of employee productivity and customer response.

The benefits of BYOD are many, the biggest advantage is that it saves companies money. If a company has to continuously buy new phones and PCs for their staff, maintain all machines and constantly upgrade devices then it all adds up. It also allows for offsite flexibility, employees are familiar with their own devices, so it cuts down on time spent re-training staff. As staff have the same devices at work as they do at home they become more productive in their off hours. BYOD also embraces change, as your employees embrace new technologies in their personal lives they will also incorporate them into their work lives.

The greatest asset to increased world connectivity is that it makes global markets local. Striking a business deal with a company in Hong Kong is no longer the chore it once was. Your staff can telecommunicate from work and home via webinar with minimal effort. Generation Y is setting itself apart from the baby boomers of yesterday. The former generation are used to a hierarchical work structure, following orders from senior management, while the new generation is more proactive in its workplace engagement wanting more input in decision making and demanding transparent communication.

What does the future hold for BYOD? It is projected that the BYOD model will infiltrate more schools across the UK and Europe over the coming years, as technology is fully integrated in the classroom environment. HR policies will have to adapt to the increased level of BYOD, covering areas such as lost devices and employee contract termination. In an ever changing technological landscape the workplace is constantly evolving to keep on top of new work trends.


Sources: Exigent Networks

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