Infographic: 8 Amazing Facts of iPhone You Should Know

As we all know that iPhone is considered as the most popular smartphone line across the globe. Also, many of us would agree to the fact that; it was iPhone that brought the vision of an ideal smartphone and app ecosystem.

This revolutionary device has already changed the fortune story for Apple corporation completely and that’s is the prime reason why Apple is the biggest company in the world by market capitalization.

That said, many of you might believe that you know the history of iPhone’s evolution inside out but that’s certainly not true. Do you know that word ‘iPhone’ had originally patented by which company?  Well, if you think it was Apple then you are wrong, it was CISCo who patented the term ‘iPhone’.

There are numerous interesting facts about iPhone which you can get in the infographic that is created by IOTransfer, an iPhone manager software maker below:


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