How to Use OKRs in Your Business

Running a business is a demanding job. You have so many different elements that you are trying to keep track of. From sales totals to employee productivity to general business goals, you need to stay on top of all your objectives. It’s hard to do this on your own. It may be time to rely on tools that can help you run the most productive, efficient business possible.

You can’t achieve your goals without first setting them. With the right tools and software programs, you can set lofty objectives and key results (OKR) to keep track of your merchant accounts in the best way. Install professional software that can help you monitor progress and encourage transparency between your entire staff. By implementing the best tools, you are setting yourself up for ultimate success—help scale your business, reach stretch goals, and align your team in one central location. Here are a few ways that you can use OKR software to help improve your business.

Keep organized financially so you can continue doing business.

Your finances are incredibly important for your business. If you are not a solid payment processor, other merchants and organizations aren’t going to want to work with you. OKR techniques can help you stay on top of all transactions with financial institutions and prove that you are a successful, trustworthy business owner.

If you are constantly messing up transactions and having to provide chargebacks, you will be labeled as a high-risk merchant. Being labeled as a Terminated Merchant File (TMF) can really hurt your relationship with credit card processors.

TMF merchant account provider will have more trouble operating as a merchant in general. Avoid chargebacks and a high-risk reputation by using OKR solutions to stay on top of your credit card processing.

Connect your team and board members in better ways.

No matter the size of your business or organization, you are going to have a team of people working together in different positions. OKR techniques help you make these connections in better ways. Everyone from your executive board to entry-level positions works together for common goals and company strategy. Oftentimes, your board members are working for other organizations as well.

Look at a successful professional like Caitlin Gossage. While she works as a successful executive, she is also on the board for Freestyle Ontario. She needs to understand the metrics and analytics of this freestyle skiing company while keeping up with her other responsibilities. OKR reports can help provide clearer information for everyone on your team so they can make more strategic decisions in all aspects of the business.

Set measurable goals so you can stay on track.

How many times have you set a New Year’s Resolution and given up as soon as it hits February? This is unfortunately a fairly common problem. This is because many people set a general goal without measurable landmarks.

A good OKR strategy will set reasonable goals that can be strictly measured. Break down ambitious goals with OKRs that follow your process every step of the way. Be realistic about what you can achieve so you continue to celebrate victories instead of coming up short. This OKR process will help you reach your end product more effectively.

Delegate tasks that play to everyone’s strengths.

Your team members are the heart and soul of your operation. Make sure they feel valued and important. OKR templates help you delegate tasks in new ways. You can see a breakdown of everything on your dashboard so you know who is responsible for what company goals. This is one of the best practices to help you play to everyone’s strengths and give the full team a feeling of camaraderie so they are more determined and motivated.

Clarify intent and direction.

Nothing is more confusing than several team members trying to achieve different goals all at once. Having company OKRs will help you clarify your intent and direction. Streamline your processes and set a clear direction. This will help you stay on task and grow your business faster without being overwhelmed by distractions or unnecessary requirements.

Encourage transparency throughout your organization.

As a business owner, the best way to get your team on your side is with full transparency. When you trust and respect your team with information, they are going to give you that same level of respect back. Showcase your goals throughout the whole OKR system. By engaging in transparent operations, you are encouraging positive office culture and better employee engagement.

Help grow your company on a local and global scale.

When you first open your business model, you’re going to appeal to more local clientele. However, growth and scalability are huge aspects of your business. OKR systems can help you set goals for your local community and the global market. Set company objectives for each area so you can improve your type of business on many different fronts.

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