How to Spot a Great Car Accident Lawyer in Houston, Texas

The number of vehicles plying the roads has grown significantly over the last decade. Each year, new drivers join the fray, further increasing the number of people and cars on the streets daily. Proper traffic management should be maintained at all times; otherwise, chaos would erupt.

Houston, Texas, for example, has seen more people doing long drives daily to and from work. The lengthy commute alone can cause drivers to become sleepy. Some people who have just been through long shifts may already be tired and can easily be irritated with traffic jams. With such conditions, accidents are more likely to happen. If ever you do get involved in one, check out for assistance.

Car accident lawyers simplify the process for you and make sure that you get treated fairly. You would know a great car accident lawyer through the following:

Nationwide Presence

A firm that has presence all over the country, or at least across several states, is a firm worth considering. Each state may have state-specific laws, and it would be a significant advantage if the car accident lawyer you turn to for help is part of a nationwide firm. This means that:

  • You would know which firm to contact should you be involved in an accident within areas they cover.
  • You would receive the same customer treatment regardless of which branch office you’re in.
  • You’ll receive a clear explanation of the costs or compensation that is state specific.
  • You would be more confident driving through various states knowing that you can quickly get representation in case you’ll be involved in a car accident.

Proven Track Record

An endorsement from your friends is a good indication of a lawyer’s work. Positive reviews from clients, especially if there is a lot, minimize doubts that a potential customer may have. You can:

  • Ask people you know and trust for recommendations.
  • Do an online business or service search for client reviews.

Firms or individual lawyers that have a lot of good reviews is a sure bet, and you can be assured that you will be provided the best service there is.

Transparent Fees

People dislike hidden charges. A great car accident lawyer will layout everything, from service fees to your compensation. It’s also great if the firm offers a nonbinding free consultation. In this way, you would receive guidance without any contract obligations. As a cautionary move, always ask for details behind service rates. Don’t be content with just a final amount. Understand what the number stands for and do not hesitate to ask for a fee breakdown.

Bear in mind that attorney’s fee or service fees are different from expenses incurred during the judicial proceedings, so it’s also a good thing to discuss who covers such costs.

Complete Assistance

Car accident lawyers or companies may have limitations in what they can offer. When looking for such professional services, keep these in mind:


  • Extensive experience handling various accident scenarios


A firm that focuses only on specific cases may not be a suitable candidate. Accidents vary from rear-enders, hit and run and minor scrapes to distracted driving. If a car accident law firm only deals with mishaps related to drunk driving, then such firm will limit your options. Go for a company that can handle whatever the accident cause and effect may be.


  • Comprehensive support process


A complete assistance process is made up of:

  • Consultation
  • Presentation of compensation that a client may get
  • Explanation of contingent or service fees
  • Contract signing
  • Coordination with hospitals or insurance companies
  • Processing and handling of required paperwork
  • Follow up on compensation so that you receive it on time

If any of these are missing, then there is a process gap that can potentially cause headaches. Imagine being on a hospital bed, badly bruised or worse, and you need to call your insurance company or deal with hospital paperwork. You probably won’t be able to accomplish those while lying on a cot.

Adequate Resources

Some cases may go the distance and may cost a lot to bring to court. A lawyer or law firm should have sufficient resources, such as finance and staff, that can cover the case until a resolution is handed down. There will be some lawyers who may ask you for participation, which means you would have to shell out to cover case expenses. This is not an ideal approach especially if you are seriously injured and are pressed for cash.

Lawyers who cover case expenses usually ask for reimbursements. This can be taken out of the compensation you receive when the case is won. However, if the case is lost, it’s normal for your lawyer to ask you to repay the expenses incurred during the proceedings. Make sure to discuss this even before you seal the deal with the lawyer.


Nobody wishes to be involved in an accident. However, no matter how safe you may drive, not everybody has the same mindset. There is also the numbers factor, wherein the more vehicles are being driven, the bigger the chances are that an accident will happen. Fortunately, you have this guide that can help you choose the right car accident lawyer.

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