How to Save Money While Shopping Online

One out of every four people shop online. 

The increased use of the internet has revolutionized shopping norms. It has made shopping more convenient for everyone with a modern device and a reliable internet connection. 

However, one thing that has remained the same for years is the desire to save on the buying costs. Luckily, online shoppers can gladly do so without compromising on the quality of goods they get.

This article will discuss tricks that witty online users can adopt to save money when shopping online. Keep reading to learn more.

Compare Prices

Among the best ways to save money is to compare prices. Don’t settle on the first website you come across offering the product you need. The comparison process might take you some time, but you can save large amounts of money.

When shopping, you can compare the prices in two main ways. You can either make the manual comparison or utilize the price comparing tools.

The tools/apps are the most effective, faster, and compare the prices of millions of vendors. Browse through the search results, and place your order on the most affordable website.

Keep Your Email Receipts

It’s tempting to delete the old shopping receipts in your email. After all, the transaction was successful, and you don’t intend to refer to it in any way. But do you know that those past emails can save you substantial amounts in the future?

If you have multiple past receipts in your mail, find out the leading receipt trackers. These trackers monitor the price of different goods from the online shops you purchase from.

If they note a price drop for a product you purchased recently, they request a refund from that business. The business then sends you the money back to your credit card, your bank account, or a gift. 

The popular receipt tracker is Waldo, although you can still subscribe to more.

Shop Direct

The various marketplaces, such as Etsy, can help you get the best deals.

However, they do not always offer the best prices, since they charge a commission for their services. You may not pay the commission directly, but the vendor indirectly adds an extra cost to cover for the commission they pay the marketplace.

If you have enough time to surf, find the online vendors on your own, and buy directly from them. This technique, combined with a few others, will help you save large amounts of money.

Use Multiple Emails to Accumulate Coupons

Most retailers send a one-time use coupon on every email they have on their email list. This means that you can get a double benefit if you have more than one email.

You might find this trick a little bit sneaky, but you can gain a lot if you have many emails from different retailers. Just ensure that you are a regular customer to get the best Amazon deals.

Track Prices

You can track the prices of the things which you intend to buy in the future. You can do so by using the available price trackers such as LoveSales, which helps online shoppers to get the best deals.

Create an account with the best tracking website of your choice and select the goods you would like to keep an eye on. After that, enter the maximum price that you are willing to spend on the products.

You will get timely notifications whenever the prices of your selected goods drop to your desired amount.

Subscribe for Amazon Discounts

Amazon has a “subscribe and save” feature, which allows the customers to get the best deals without a struggle. There are two main subscription features; Amazon prime, and the regular Amazon feature.

The prime option might be a bit costly, and you can use the normal subscribe and save. When you click this option, you will allow amazon to do shopping on your behalf, and auto-ship it.

Before the delivery, you will be getting an alert of the item, and the lowest price. You will, therefore, save both time and money through the amazon discounts.

Avoid the Peak Times

Don’t buy online goods when obviously, everyone else is doing it. For instance, if you want a Christmas gift, it would be cheaper to buy it months before December.

The same case applies to holidays and other special days. Retailers tend to raise the prices because they know many people make their orders during that time. Plan well, and avoid the peak moments to prevent paying double or triple.

Consider the Delivery Costs

Many online shoppers only consider the price of the commodity and ignore the delivery charges. Some retailers reduce the price tag of the item and increase the delivery charge to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

Before you buy anything, always compare the buying price and the shipping costs. Consider the terms and conditions for any free delivery promotion, and make an informed decision.

If possible, deliver the products to a store rather than your home, because the delivery costs will be more affordable in the store.

Consider Second Hand

The beauty of online shopping is that you can get both new and older versions of the same product on the same platform. Some products, such as books, don’t lose their value even if you buy second hand.

So, if the idea of purchasing a used product does not bother you, compare the different prices of second-hand goods and save the money you would have spent on a new product.

Leverage Social Networking

Your friends and social media platforms can show you how to save your money. You can enjoy the crazy offers by following the retailers whom you buy your products from. Most of these businesses post discounts, promotions, and other offers that they have for their customers.

If you follow them, you will be the first one to know of such offers. Keep up with your friends, too, so that they can inform you of the best online shopping deals.

Start to Save Money Now!

The small savings can add up to a significant amount, mainly if you are a frequent online shopper. You can then use the money on another useful project. 

So, follow the above tips, and remember to create a budget before shopping. A good budget will help you save money and reduce overspending. 

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