How to play Candy Crush with the help of quality tips?

Candy Crush is a very addictive game that one can find in the android platform. Over the last few years, most of the people have been able to witness a notable increase in android marketing platform, and the different kinds of software help that is found in this particular operating system. Now, when it comes to games, Candy Crush is a definitive leader in the android market. Most of the people spend a few hours on a daily basis playing the game, and they are looking out for the best Candy Crush tips, which can enable them to play the game in a much better manner, and keep creating high scores as time goes by.

Some of the Candy Crush tips have been mentioned below: –

  1. The first thing you need to do is to find the pattern. There are many things that will actually make a sprinkle do not hold or a special Candy looks effortless. You need to recognize as well as keep repeating the patterns that will allow you to wipe of the entire board, and help you to reach the next level much faster. As a rule of the thumb, always make sure that you set up whatever pattern you find yourself looking at, and always ensure that you continue in the same manner, until and unless you reach a level, which has a different pattern.

  2. Always try to start the crushing at the bottom of the screen. This way, you will be able to create a potential cascading effect that can effectively give you move free moves, rather than to keep crushing from the top.

  3. Always try and create combinations. The best to combinations happens to be the wrapped candy and the stripped candy, along with the sprinkle donut hole and the stripped candy. These combinations have actually got the potential to wipe of the entire board all by itself. You can only hope that they reach all the strategic places, and you can actually take advantage of this particular situation.

  4. Get to know your stripe. Candy always seems to be stripe in the same direction, as the final candy will be moved to complete the previous formation. If you keep the horizontal movement of candy, it will create a horizontal stripe, which will also explode horizontally.

  5. Always try and create a priority level of getting rid of evil Candy by the threat level. Always try and kill the low number bombs first, and then go for the high ranking ones.

  6. When you are getting rid of the jellies, always make sure that you get rid of the ones that are clearly on the edge, especially on the bottoms and the corners. Such kind of jellies has actually got the least number of combinations with which you can eliminate them, so they are the hardest to take care of.

  7. Always have a strategy with you, so that when you start a new level, you can make use of the power up levels.

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