How To Make a Plastered Ceiling Look Decorative?

One of the most common and interesting ways a designer chooses to finish a ceiling is by plastering them. This creates a smooth and finished surface on the ceiling. However, there are some easy ways in which you can make your ceiling look even more attractive and decorative! You must look for ceiling roses in Melbourne to give it an ornamental look. You can choose amongst different types of ceiling roses depending on your taste in art. Below discussed are some other ways to make a plastered ceiling look decorative.

  • Play With Shape:

Since plaster is a material that allows interesting workmanship, an interior designer or an architect can always experiment with the shape of the same. If a simple and plain surface looks boring, then you can try breaking the uniformity of the ceiling by playing with shapes. One can tell the designer to play with curves or straight lines depending on your choice. However, these shapes should be easily carved out and stick to the ceiling. Adding an extra depth of plaster to these ceilings can increase the risk of plaster falling from the roof.

  • Add Lights:

Adding and attaching lights to the ceiling can look decorative and clean when people work with plaster. You along with the designer can fix the position of the lights. After doing so, you will require to make punctures in simple rectangular or other complex shapes to make the lights and ceiling look interesting. One can also choose to mold the plaster in a shape that allows lights to be in a defined pattern. When soft light comes out of the ceiling, the plaster will reflect the same and penetrate the maximum amount of light in the space. Therefore, add lights to your plastered ceiling to make the space look decorative.

  • Paint It:

Most people choose not to paint the plaster and rather leave it white. However, if you do not want to leave this plastered ceiling white, then you can always make paint the same to make it look decorative. Since paint has a good amount of water in it, ensure that you have selected an appropriate kind of paint for your ceiling. One must ensure that the color of the paint matches with the color of light in the plaster. Painting it to form a defined texture can also be one option.

  • Keep It Simple:

In order to make your plastered ceiling look attractive, you do not have to complicate the same. One of the best ways of doing this is to keep it simple. Get the plaster molded on the boundary of the ceiling. Doing this in a mindful manner can add a simple but effective look to your ceiling. Avoid something that is too complicated to be done on the ceiling. These complicated shapes can make the user feel uncomfortable and confused. You can choose amongst the best modern designs that can make a commercial, as well as a residential space, look simple, yet decorative!

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