How Can Stockists Benefit From Homeware Wholesalers?

When you are a stockist or starting a retail business to sell homewares, you need to decide where you will get your merchandise. 

Since most stockists do not make their products, it means buying from homeware wholesalers. A wholesaler is an excellent source of a wide range of merchandise as you grow and evolve your business. 

Here are some considerations when looking for a homeware wholesaler to partner with and support you along the way:

What Are You Selling?

Whether you want to sell specific products in your store or a variety of items, it makes sense to pick a wholesaler that carries the items you are looking for. 

If you decide to work with various wholesalers to complete the inventory you need, make sure that it will not affect your brand consistency. It means all the merchandise should be able to align with your specific retail business. 

They Should Know About Their Products

Choose a homeware wholesaler that has a good understanding of their offerings. They should be willing to share essential details or able to answer any of your questions. 

Also, you want a wholesale partner who is confident and proud of what they are selling you. As a result, you can pass the information and the positive vibes to your customers. 

The Wholesaler Has Efficient Staff and Service

You will have greater peace of mind, thinking that the people at the wholesale company have enough experience and knowledge to address your concerns. 

Having a well-trained staff as your point of contact makes things a lot easier for both parties. Employing the right people means the wholesaler values their relationship with their distributors.

As a distributor and retailer, the high level of service that a homeware wholesaler provides differs from the others. This includes everybody in the company, from the owner to the warehouse person to the customer service. 

Consider Drop Shipping Service

If you sell homeware products online, it would be beneficial if the wholesaler also drops ship. Dropshipping is part of an order fulfilment process, wherein the wholesaler manages your shipping. 

When your customers place an order, the wholesaler will ship the items directly to them. It is also one way to save on shipping costs and storage. 

If you opt to dropship with your homeware wholesaler, make sure you have the same products on your physical store, so you know the quality meets your expectations. 

Additional Tips When Using Homeware Wholesaler

After choosing your wholesaler, keep these things in mind to ensure a successful wholesale buying:

  • Have enough storage space. Before your homeware items arrive, you will need a clean and organized place to keep your inventory. 
  • Find storage with spacious shelving and label your items for easy tracking and reaching. Unless you are drop shipping, 
  • Work on your reorder points. Besides determining which homeware items to purchase, it is also essential to calculate how much to reorder in the future. 
  • You may use a tool to aid you in keeping track of those items that are running low on stock. 

It would be beneficial to work with reliable homeware wholesalers who deliver the best service and offer high-quality items. 

Once you pick the right company, it will be much easier to make smart business decisions and serve your customers well.

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