How to Learn to be Content?

“The world is full of suffering, and the main cause of suffering is desire. One must get rid of the desire to end suffering.”

It is remarkably well quoted by Buddha, that all of us suffer in some way or the other. And the primary reason behind this suffering is ‘desire.’ The desire to get whatever you lay your eyes on is natural and, to some extent, a phenomenon that helps you rise. But, at the very same time, this destroys you from the core, striking you that you are not where you wanted to be, robbing you out of your mental peace and contentment. 

All you need at this distress bewitching point are some words of peace that will help you grow out of such discontent. Subsequently, you can harmonize yourself with gratitude and content towards life. So, here’s what you need to do. 

Stop Comparing Your Life to Others 

I know in this phase of social media craze, it’s tough to unacknowledge someone else’s life as each one of us puts out ourselves on social media. It’s very natural to compare your holidays with the holiday of people that are added with you or your interior or your picture’s background with them. But resisting it is what you need to do, resisting the comparison between you and others. 

All you need to know is that there will always be someone better than you; all you need to do is accept. Accept that you are what you are, be it good or bad, this is what you have been so far. Yes, allow yourself to change for better but not at the cost of your inner peace. The worst thing about comparison is that we tend to compare our worst traits to someone else’s best-assumed habits, thereby leaving us discontent with what we possess. 

A tip to resist here is to remember that all of us display ourselves on an utterly fake pedestal on social media. So, stop comparing yourself to others. No one is you, and that’s your superpower. 

Practice Gratitude 

It might sound cliché, but it is a fact well acknowledged that someone somewhere longs for a life you complain about. Hence, you need to learn to be grateful for the things you have. So, stop with the grumbles and start with gratitude. A sense of gratitude has always led to a successful and content person. In our daily life, there are a lot of things we need to thank the universe for, like keeping us healthy in such a doomed world or maybe fighting the odds and surviving, having a family, a well-proportioned meal, and a roof. 

Acknowledge the Little Things Around yourself 

Often, the desire for significant, shiny possessions blinds us to the core that we forget to notice the little things that cause us joy. Like, instead of our daily routine of self-criticism, why don’t we get a regular habit of self-appreciation? Why don’t we list our lovable qualities, acknowledge them, and work on them? The simple theory is to add little joys to counter the big problems. 

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