How to Have Fun for Free


It’s strange that in an age where computers, television, and smartphones offer us nearly unlimited entertainment, so many people claim to be “bored.” A recent showed that 63% of subjects reported boredom within a ten-day period. Ten days isn’t that long when you consider how much there is to do. Whether entertainment is available or not, it’s easy to get bored.

And, when you consider that boredom may play a role in an early demise, it becomes even more important to rid yourself of boredom once and for all. The only problem is fun things tend to cost money. You could go to the museum, the movies, the bowling alley, or to a restaurant, but if you fork over that much cash every time you’re bored, you soon won’t have any money at all.

The real secret to staving off boredom is having consistent fun for free. While that might sound like wandering around Walmart for no reason, there are actually great ways to have fun for free. Don’t believe us? We’ll list them for you.

Have a Board Game Night

The real secret to stemming off boredom is: hang out with friends. When you’re with other people, boredom doesn’t have as much of a chance. Even when friends hang out, however, you could end up on the couch with nothing to do. Plan something instead, like a board game night, to keep everybody entertained.

Go to the Mall

While it’s not fun to wander around Walmart with no purpose in mind, it can be fun to wander around the mall, a street fair, or a string of boutiques. Maybe stay away from this one if you’re a compulsive shopper (we’re going for free activities here, remember?) but an afternoon of exploring unique stores can get rid of the boredom blues.

Play Poker Online

If you love a good game of cards, you could try online gambling the next time you’re eager for fun. When you start out with a bonus code for Caesars Online Casino, you’re not risking any real money to play. The real-life stakes of playing poker online can cure boredom in a flash, so next time you’re bored, consider playing a round or two.

Make Something

There’s plenty of stuff you can make for yourself, whether it’s an upcycled lamp from Goodwill or a coffee table you made from a log. Just because you can buy something already made doesn’t mean you should. You might enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction of making something by hand.  


While you might equate volunteering with “that thing” you had to do in high school, volunteering as an independent adult is immensely rewarding. If you’re bored, it could be a sign that you have too much time on your hands, so you may as well use it to make the world better.

Boredom is part of life, just like stress, but we don’t have to — and shouldn’t — experience either in large doses. If you’re chronically bored, start finding better ways to use your time. You can have fun for free; you just have to look for the right options.

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