How to Get in Shape Without a Gym Membership

Going to a new gym can be intimidating. Learning how to use the weight machines can feel like navigating a new city in a language you don’t speak – it’s confusing. Not to mention, memberships are expensive. Rather than spending your money fighting for a treadmill, work up a sweat and build muscle without stepping out your front door. Here’s how you can get in shape without a gym membership: 


Your personal gym resides in the palm of your hands thanks to workout apps like Aaptiv. After determining your goals, you can select a workout based on the time, trainer, music, and intensity that most interests you. The audio-based instruction allows for a hands-free environment so you can focus on mastering your pushups rather than holding your mobile device. For an enhanced experience, use a high-speed internet service like Cox Gigablast to seamlessly stream Aaptiv to your TV in seconds. You can enjoy a workout in the privacy of your bedroom, living room or even outside if you have a TV set up. Aaptiv’s $6 monthly fee will grant you access to over 2,500 workouts including the 40 new classes added each week.  Of their endless options, the only option you don’t have is to quit.


When it comes to health, nutrition is half the battle. Stay on top of your diet with tools like MyFitnessPal, an online food journal that tracks your calorie and nutrient intake. Whether you’re making Greek Salad or Eggplant Parmesan, MyFitnessPal has over 5 million foods in their database so you can archive every ounce of tomato sauce or tablespoon of oil that you use. Whether you’re using your phone or computer, mobile and web data will sync automatically so that you can access your updated food journal regardless of the device. All that’s left for you to do is the cooking.


Fitness has no age limit, especially with games like WiiFit. Teleport to the tennis court or ski slopes with the WiiFit balance board which uses your body movements to bring your on-screen avatar to life. Whether you prefer to refine your strength, flexibility, or balance, you set the intensity of your workout. If you don’t see a program you like, choose from a variety of different movements to create your own routine. Once you’ve created your account, you’re ready to get moving. Let the games begin.

Getting in shape shouldn’t be hard. Avoid the intimidating atmosphere and costly price tag of a gym membership by working out in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to refine your physique with exercise or nutrition, your devices can help. Use the resources at your fingertips to crush your goals and transform your health.

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