How To File A Consumer Complaint Online In India (In 3 Easy Steps)

Nowadays consumer oriented products are penetrating on a rapid pace in developing Countries like India. And with the increase in healthy competition among brands/manufacturers related to pricing, product, and quality aspects. It is the consumers who are the main beneficiaries here.

But the sad part of the story here is, there are certain brands or companies whose ‘customer support’ department is not supportive enough to resolve or assist the grievances of their aggrieved customers. That’s where terminologies like Consumer Forum/Courts comes into the picture. Here also, a large scale of consumers are not aware of the procedure of filing their grievance to the consumer forum. Though there are people who know the procedural aspects of filing the grievances but they don’t want to waste their time on drafting their complaint etc.

Don’t worry, Here I have a quick fix solution for you and believe me, it’s no nonsense!

See, you can also register a consumer complaint online through a government running online portal called (Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Centre). In simple terms, it is a grievance redressal system administered by the Consumer Coordination Council and supported by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.

Here are the following steps you need to follow in order to lodge a consumer complaint online:

Step 1: Simply visit the Core.nic.inClick on the ‘Sign Up Here‘ link under New Consumer Tab.

Then Register by filling the necessary details about you such as name, email, address, and mobile no. of the complainant.

Step 2: Once registered, head to log-in and fill in the username and password. Now go to ‘Register Complaint‘ tab > here select the complaint type i.e against e-commerce, electronic products, travel & tourism etc.

For example; If you want to lodge a complaint against Flipkart, just select ‘E-Commerce’ as Industry type > Category ‘Online Shopping’ > Company ‘Flipkart’ > Then ‘Nature of complaint’.

Step 3: At last, you have to fill in the contact number and address of the company (against whom you are lodging the complaint). And also provide the relevant information related to your complaint within 1000 characters. To support your grievance, it is recommended to attach the product related documents as well such as a bill, invoice, a screenshot of communication over emails, etc. Remember: Complaints can be filed in both Hindi and English.

You can also check the real-time status of your grievance by logging on to the website until it is resolved.

Now you are done with lodging the consumer complaint online. You are expected to get your grievance resolved within 60 days as per the website.

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