How to Excel in the Examinations

The examinations are about to begin for all the classes and the students are all geared up with their studies. There is hardly any time left for the preparations. This is the time where a correct pattern of studies is important to excel in the examinations. The students need to revise what they had already studied. For this, they need to plan, and prepare a time table of their own.

The students need to schedule the subjects according to their priorities. The subjects they are weak at, should be revised first. There has to be a thorough understanding of all the concepts and fundamentals. They should not skip any topic. If they are finding it difficult to understand, they can practice some alternative method such as E-learning.

The students should consult their teachers regarding any doubts. They can also seek help from their seniors regarding the pattern of the question paper and the answering skills. Proper guidance is very important during the examinations.

Accompany each question with a diagram, especially for the science subjects. A few difficult diagrams like that of the human digestion can be skipped. But those of the human eye, the human heart, should be practiced very well. The students should practice the numerical as many times as possible. They can devise a time-consuming way to solve the questions. They should try not to use calculators for simple calculations.

The students should rewrite the equations and derivations until they memorize them. Writing something makes one memorize it faster. The chemical reactions for chemistry are not an easy nut to crack. The students should have them on their tips during the examination. Even a slight error can cancel the entire answer.

The students should prepare notes for subjective subjects such as biology and history. They should prepare separate notes for the differences between in the entire syllabus like the differences between the DNA structure and RNA structure, plant cell and animal cell, fertilizers, and manure, etc. The sample papers and previous years’ question papers are a great help.

The above tips might help the students prepare well for the examinations and inculcate confidence in them to do well.

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