How to Deal With New York City Stress

Here’s a fact that will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who lives and works in New York City: The big apple can totally mess up your mental health. Among other issues, New York CIty living has a tendency to harm your sleep patterns and anxiety levels. The stresses that New York City puts on our mental health are interrelated, and they can really add up! If you’re not careful, this city can leave you feeling physically and mentally exhausted enough to create more problems.

But you do have ways to fight back. If you take a closer look at your own habits and your own New York City lifestyle, you may find that you can drastically reduce the stress you feel in the city. Here are a few ways to deal with stress in NYC.

Find your park

New York City has a lot of buildings, a lot of garbage, and a lot of urban filth. However, it also has a lot of parks that can be really good fountain of wellness for your mental health.

Being in nature is inherently good for our mental and physical health, as is being outside in general. A 2015 Stanford University study proved as much, stating that being outside in nature actually decreases rates of depression. If you’re experiencing mental health stressors, it could be helpful to get on a regiment of exercising, meditating, and other activities outdoors as soon as possible(just be sure to protect yourself with SPF lotion to avoid being burned).

Find a park you love that is convenient to your home or your work, and make a real effort to spend time there. It will help your mental and physical health and reduce stress in the mecca of intensity that is New York City.

Defend your sleep

New York City’s bright lights and around-the-clock madness delight tourists on short trips, but that stuff really gets old fast once you live here. As a human, and contrary to popular lore, you do in fact still have to sleep in the city that never sleeps!

Getting poor sleep or too little sleep is terrible for your mental and physical health, and it will allow your anxiety and stress to skyrocket. Fight back by making sure you’re getting proper rest, which may mean investing in blackout curtains, sleep masks, earplugs or white noise machines.

Check your work-life balance

New Yorkers work longer hours on average than people anywhere else in the country. This city has a very competitive professional scene in just about every line of work there is. It’s easy to get caught up in this and work too hard, which could be a mistake for both your mental health and your career.

Fail to keep your work and personal life in balance, and you could end up in a mental burnout, a mental health condition characterized by a lack of motivation, low energy levels and depression. Work-life balance improvements will help both your mental health and your productivity at work.

Please don’t work yourself into the ground. Go home on time some days and stop answering so many emails on weekends. Take vacations and come back refreshed.

Seek therapy

New York City has the best pizza, the best theater scene, and likely has the strongest scene of therapists as well! The mental health professionals here in New York City are among the most qualified and accomplished in the world. If you’re looking for NYC cognitive therapy to help you with your stress and anxiety, you’ll have exceptional options.

You should also be looking for NYC cognitive therapy, as therapy will help you improve your mood, mental health, and life quality. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you address everything from everyday stress to mental health disorders like depression. Seeking professional help for mental health wellness should be essential for everyone in this crazy city, so stop delaying and seek the help you deserve.

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