How to Choose a Career that you Love?

Knowing you will help you to know which careers or professions are best for you. It sounds like a topic, but the truth is that your character, your tastes and interests are aspects that one must analyze when choosing a career. Some things you should keep in mind are:

Your character:

Are you an open or introverted person? Do you like to think or do? Do you like to be surrounded by people or do you prefer to spend hours in front of a computer? Knowing your personal characteristics will allow you to compare them with the alternatives of studies and professions that you can choose.

Your weaknesses:

Try to see which areas you should improve and which aspects could be an insurmountable barrier for a certain career. For example, if you get dizzy just thinking about blood, Medicine would not be a good option for you, why not?

Think about what subjects you are best at:

Maybe history is your strong point, or you are very good at painting, or chemistry is one of your favorite subjects. Knowing in which subjects you are better will give you a clue about the races that will be easier for you or in which you could stand out.

Your bone subjects:

We all have some subject where we hobble; choke or simply we are not so good. Think about the reason: its difficulty or the little enthusiasm that awakens you? Knowing your weaknesses will help you to refine your options.

Your interests and hobbies think about what attracts you the most, with what subjects you enjoy the most or what you like to do in your free time. Analyze your hobbies; they can be a source of inspiration.

Your passions:

Think of the times when you felt completely dedicated to what you were doing. We all have activities to which we dedicate ourselves with more energy or more delivery … when the whole world seems to disappear and we are totally focused on what we are doing, spending hours and more hours is not a problem. Try to identify if there is any common denominator when that happens to you.

Think about what your ideal job would be like:

Some do not support work in an office, others cannot stand stress, and some prefer a job in which they do not have to travel. Think what kind of work you would like to do.

Make a list of each of the previous points and rate from 1 to 10 your qualities, your tastes, including the different subjects that you have now in your studies. If for example, you believe that one of your best qualities is the ability to communicate, put a 9 on this quality.

Lean on some evaluation test:

If you feel a little lost about where to direct your future, and find it difficult to analyze your interests and tastes, they can be a very useful resource. Talk to your counselor or research the Internet to do some of these tests. A successful leader like Mathieu Chantelois will always encourage cooperation between employees and teamwork. After 20 years in the corporate world, Mathieu Chantelois decided to dedicate his knowledge and expertise to his passion for helping others in the nonprofit sector.

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