How to Choose a Host for Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, and as such is the basis for over 61 million websites around the world, according to their own information.  While just setting up a WordPress site is done by some as a hobby to start a blog, for example, and host it on itself, others use it as the basis for a more serious website that they hope will allow them to make a living income.

As a result, many people choose to use WordPress, but seek out a different web-hosting service. We explored where you should look, and what you should consider, before paying a fee to a host for your site.

Know What You Need

WordPress states the minimum requirements of their platform, so all you need to do is check that any potential hosting company is able to satisfy these. The majority of them do, but it would be very embarrassing if you were to pay a hefty fee and then find out later that you weren’t actually able to use the site for your design, especially if you have already put a great deal of work into it.

Ensure that any host can meet your needs before you even start further enquiries.

Don’t just consider whether a host meets the WordPress support requirements, either. Ensure you cover off bases such as the types of servers they offer as well things such as bandwidth and uptime.

Use WordPress

WordPress themselves have a page where they list the hosting companies that they feel do the best job with their themes and designs. If you are somewhat of an internet novice, perhaps this is your first site or you are not up to speed with the tech and terminology, then working on their own recommendations is a great place to start, at least until you become more clued up with online trends in general.

Don’t be Taken In By Low Fees

If you already have your site built and designed, you may be more likely to opt for a cheaper hosting option. Many hosting companies will even advertise themselves as offering low costs because you are bringing your theme and design with you. As attractive as this may seem, there will usually be a sting in the tail somewhere, so avoid it as best you can.

Question Your Hosts

At this stage, much of what you will look for mirrors what you might do when seeking out a web host for any site, irrespective of whether it is a WordPress one or not. Of course, you will need to keep your content management system in mind at all times if you are resolved to sticking to it.

Key questions to explore include which plug-ins will you be able to add to your theme, do you need to stick to those offered by the host, or are you able to install your own from elsewhere? It is also worth asking what experience they have in dealing with WordPress hosting. They may meet the requirements and have a nice banner on their site saying they host hundreds of such sites, but until you have seen these for yourself it is best to keep an open mind.

Follow these tips and get the WordPress hosting you need to develop a popular and successful website, whether you are starting a blog for fun or are looking to make serious money.

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