How to Change the World: 7 Things You Can Do

With levels of depression seeing meteoric rises across the nation, you’re not alone if you feel like the world is crumbling around you. The worst part is when things are going bad and you feel helpless to change them.

Some world and community events are indeed out of your hands. Still, there is always action you can take to add a little goodness to your surroundings in hopes of creating a better tomorrow.

In this post, we’ll walk you through simple how to change the world ideas that can help you feel better about your situation and perhaps positively touch someone else’s life. We hope that one of our suggestions will strike you enough that you consider going out and making a difference.

1. Plant a Garden

While it may not seem like putting a tree in the ground or planting vegetables can make a difference, believe us when we say that adding more green to the earth is creating an impact on much larger issues.

For example, trees create habitats for wildlife that are seeing their homes disappear due to rampant development. Planting vegetables enables you to live off the land rather than buying into factory farm systems that often abuse the environment for the sake of mass-producing produce.

2. Donate Money

A small donation to the right organization can change someone’s life. Imagine someone starving and a local charity offering them a meal. That meal could be what allows that person to see another day and turn their life around.

Organizations like Feeding America and others need help more than ever, so if you have cash to give, consider doing so.

3. Be Generous With Your Time

Donating doesn’t have to be about giving money. Donating your time can be every bit as effective.

Giving your babysitting services away for free to watch someone’s kids that can’t afford child care or offering free piano lessons to seniors are two quick how to change the world ideas that can have a massive impact.

4. Share Your Perspective

Chances are, you have a perspective on the conversations swirling around you. Don’t hide it!

If you have something to say, add to discussions. Doing so could lead to conversations that change hearts and minds, maybe even your own.

5. Clean Your Area

Do you notice trash strewn about when you walk your neighborhood? Stop stepping over it and start cleaning it up.

Picking up trash can start a movement where more people start taking pride in where they live and things can start to improve.

6. Live Sustainably

Simple sustainable living decisions like recycling or buying locally can improve economies and reduce emissions. The best part is that partaking in activities like those requires very little effort.

See what small sustainability adjustments you can make to your life today and start committing to them.

7. Be Positive

There are a lot of negative people in the world. Make the choice to not be one of them.

Optimism is contagious! Share it with as many people as you can and watch their outlooks on life improve.

Now That You Know How to Change the World, Get Out There and Do It

Learning how to change the world is one thing. Putting into practice what you now know and making an impact is another.

We hope we’ve inspired you to take action and welcome you to check out more of the inspirational and informative posts on our blog!

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