How To Be Your Own Boss Today ?

Spring is the season for fresh starts and rejuvenation. As the annual spring cleaning kicks off, this is your chance to not only organize your home but your life as well—starting with your career. If you’re sick of working for the man, here’s how to ditch the mundane job, get your act together and become your own boss.

Out with the Old, In with the New  

The cold winter may have thrown you into a passive routine, clocking in and clocking out. Although you may have been miserable, it was comforting that kept you in the static position day in and day out. Well, wake up and smell the blooming flowers, because the snow has melted and it’s time to get rid of the job you hate and welcome the new opportunity with open arms. Letting go of a job you don’t fully enjoy and taking on a role where you are your own boss will give you a breath of fresh air and drive you to a position where you feel motivated and inspired.

Plan of Action  

Once you’ve made the decision that it’s time for a career change, create a plan of action. Just like you would write a to-do list for spring cleaning, write what you must to do get a job where you control your success. Dig deep into your soul and ask yourself, what motivates you? Do you have a certain passion or do you thrive off making the sale? Then do the research and find a job that aligns with your interests and capabilities. For example, if you’re serious about fitness, become a Beach Body coach and recruit others to join your journey towards good health and well-being. Or perhaps you like driving—why not make money out of it and join a rideshare company like Lyft? You get to make your hours, meet all walks of life and cruise around town. Maybe you have a niche skill like graphic design or writing that allows you to go freelance. It’s an opportunity to skip the middle man and take control of your work output and cash input. For the go-getter that lives to make the sale, why not do the direct selling? There is a multitude of jobs you can do that give you the freedom to work for yourself, all you have to do is make the plan of action to get there and start checking off the steps.

Dirty Work and Preparation

As soon as you’ve secured a new role as your own boss, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and put in the work and preparation towards success. The company you choose to work for may actually provide the training tools you need to successfully do the job. For example, Amway, a direct selling business, provides education on products and how to sell them, along with tools like personalized websites, apps, and customer service support. Once you’ve set up shop and gone through the training, you can start selling. Additionally, the Amway business opportunity lies in its multi-level marketing structure—you build your own network of people, teach them how to sell, and for each sale made, you and the team you established receive a bonus. When you have a solid foundation to start your work, all other aspects can start to fall into place.

Organization and Upkeep

After spring cleaning own house, the hardest part is making sure it stays clean. When you’ve finally gotten into the groove of your new career space, it’s not easy to maintain the momentum. As your own boss, managing administrative tasks can be a challenge. To stay organized try using a

n app like Evernote. It keeps all your notes, files and to-dos synced to your mobile devices. For time management help, Doodle is an ideal scheduling tool that syncs up your calendars and sends reminders so you can stay on top of a busy career. For those doing freelance work, it’s all about being proactive and constantly seeking new gigs to ensure a steady stream of income. Peruse websites like for work on a regular basis. The site posts new work that others need help on—and that’s where you can happily lend a hand.   

Clean Slate for Empowerment

It feels good to start with a clean slate. Doing away with the dusty old job and becoming your own boss is an empowering move. This is the ultimate spring cleaning that’ll set you up for the greener grass on the other side that you’ve been waiting for.


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