How to Achieve Quick Results with SoundCloud

Have you read stories of big-time artists who made it big via social media? These stories such as the ones here usually inspire young musicians to try to replicate the same thing. However, a lot of musicians end up getting frustrated because they are not getting the result they think they should get.

They put a lot of effort into their music and then come to social media to share them, hoping that it will go viral. Some even make videos and post on YouTube hoping that their big break will occur just as it did with these stars in the story.

Sadly for many of these ones, it appears that lightning does indeed not strike twice at the same spot. Well, that actually may not be the whole truth in this situation. Lightning can strike twice at the same spot in the sense that you also can become huge via social media. However, to achieve this, you must know exactly how to go about this.

This is the time when you work smart and not hard and here’s why. The same way you are hoping to hit it big from social media is the same way that millions of other unknown musicians like you want to hit it big.

Currently, we are told that about 24,000 songs are uploaded to various streaming sites daily. That’s about 168,000 every week and so on. You can read about it here: To stand out, you must, therefore, find a way to always rise above the crowd.

In this article, we will discuss how to rise above the crowd on one particular streaming site – SoundCloud.

What SoundCloud Can Offer You

Remember how we said above that about 168,000 songs are uploaded to all streaming sites weekly? Well, as at this year (2019), SoundCloud now has over 200 million uploads. There are two ways to look at this news.

The first is – Oh my God!! How can I compete with this?

The second is – Gee! There must be something here attracting all these guys.

Starting from the second question, there really is something attracting these guys to this platform and we will understand this in a bit.

First, SoundCloud has a global reach of over 175 million human beings. This reach covers over 190 countries. Now, these are your potential fans. That’s how you should look at it.

Next, there are over 76 million users on this platform with about 20 million creators of music. This provides an immense opportunity for collaborations and synergy. You can see more that you can enjoy from SoundCloud in this post.

All we have listed above is just to show you that this is a platform that you can really stand on to excel in your career.

How to Get Quick Results

Now let’s get to the meat of the issue. Remember our first reaction above? – Oh my God!! How can I compete with this? That’s a good question to ask because if you do not get the answer right, you will be in for another frustrating and futile attempt at getting your music out there.

So what do you do?

Build a Solid Profile

Your profile is what introduces you. Imagine you were to go on stage and you received a really crappy introduction, your audience will not be in a frame of mind to receive you. You will have to work harder to blow them away.

Online, it is a bit different because unlike with the live show where the audience still has to sit and listen to you blow them away, the online audience does not. They will only click play if they are anticipating something really interesting. You must, therefore, make your profile shine.

Use Great Images

Images are the next important thing to consider. Some folks have gone as far as saying that the image you present may actually be more important than the music in itself. Well, why we may need to understand what they really mean, we understand that they are telling us how important it is to have the right profile image and of course album arts.

Research has backed this as we can see here:

Tag Your Songs Correctly

The next thing we need to do is properly tag your songs. Proper tagging allows the right people to find your work. You can’t tag your rock ‘n’ roll track “reggae” and expect your true fans to locate you. Use proper tagging to make it easy for your work to be found.

Be Very Active on the Platform

This is another very important thing you should do. Do not just upload your music and expect people to rush to it. You need to interact actively on the platform. Take out time to browse similar songs to yours, connect with the artists, comment on their songs and possibly share. This will motivate them to come check your work out too.

Look Out for Collaborations

As you connect with other artists, try to work out collaboration with them. This is a quick way of building momentum. Their fans can easily become your fans and yours theirs. It will be just like you are combining fans.

Support with Paid Services

After you have done everything you can do organically, you will be wise to add a catalyst into the mix. The right catalyst will speed things up really nicely for you. A good example here is making use of paid services. Examples of paid services include services where you can buy SoundCloud plays and likes, followers, reposts, comments, and likes. This is probably the surest way of ensuring your base rises very quickly.

When you combine this with all that we have listed above, you will make it a lot easier for your music brand to achieve the recognition you seek. Here’s to your SoundCloud Success!

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