5 Essentials Men Need on a Beach Vacation!

Summer is around the corner! Are you ready to drive away those cold breezes and embrace the blazing sunshine?

Whether planning for a nearby beach with family or hit the Caribbean with your best buds, men too need a complete list of essentials. Even if you aim to just lounge on the beach to sit back and relax; some wearable and basic toiletries are a must.

Don’t worry; we have you covered with a complete checklist to help you pick the beach requisites that still may lie down in your closets. Here are five of them:

Swim Shorts

If you want to sport more comfortable clothing piece to cut down the monotony of swimwear, then board shorts is what you need.  Whether you like to surf, or to go to the community pool, the easy-breezy board shorts are quick-drying and comfortable. You will also get a wide range of color options out there. 

But, is it the one piece of clothing enough? While some may like to go commando, some strongly prefer an additional layer for extra comfort. 

This is where specifically designed underwear is the best option to keep you sorted about what do you wear under board shorts? While these are irritation-free and easy to find on Everlane Promo Code, it also gives you an extra layer of protection. 

A Beach Towel

When it comes to clothes, you usually focus on putting your denim and T-shirts, but you need a soft and comfy beach towel too. While spending time on the seashore is exciting, it can also bring some discomfort if you haven’t come up with the right planning.

Remember the discomfort of lying down for a prolonged period on hot burning sand, causing uneasiness all around.  While buying your swim shorts, take a moment to browse a wide range of comfy beach towels to save yourself from all the discomfort and back burns during your holiday on a coast.

 Sun Protection

Finally, we have reached to one of the most controversial things that “are men need a sunblock?” Well, definitely yes! It is idiotic to step out into the intense sunlight without any skincare essential. Also, there is tremendous information available out there to ensure that you are entirely safe from the harmful effects of the sunrays.  

Do not get fooled around what others say and grab a good sunscreen to protect your face and body from harmful ultraviolet rays. You can pick one that suits your skin type.

Flip Flops

Flip flops and flats are some of the only shoes you should consider wearing on a beach. You probably stay around water and sand at most. This is where flip flops or a sandal are convenient and restful. Moreover, these are handy, even when you go barefoot to hit the soft sand.

The wide-ranging colors and mix & matched prints give you a trendy and edgy look. Another best part is they can quickly fit into your bag and easy to go with, especially when in a hurry.  


Your whole beach look would be incomplete if you missed out on your sunglasses. They do not only look trendy but also protect your eyes from penetrating UVB and UVA rays. These rays can even cause some major eye problems like cataracts, or weak eyesight. Keep your sunglasses handy!

There are a plethora of stylish options you can reach to from classy aviators to a pair of wayfarers for a flirty look. They also amp up your style quotient and gives a sense of restfulness.

We hope our complete list of men’s essentials has helped you to get ready for your upcoming summer vacation! Happy holidays!

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