How Houseplants Double as Self-care Reminders

Young adults, children, and retirees alike can benefit from the healing power of indoor plants. A garden of houseplants can provide the calming and subtle psychiatric support that many people who forget to care for their own health need in life. Indoor planting is a way of life, and yet it represents something that everyone should incorporate into their daily routines.

Houseplants boost oxygenation within the home.

Filling your living space with some of the best indoor plants that need minimal sunlight and routine yet light watering, and that flower with beautiful fruits during the peak of their season may just offer the boost you’ve been looking for in your routine. Many people find that the oxygen-boosting facets of plants, in general, provide a great balm to the living space. This can lead to a better night’s sleep, greater relaxation power at the end of a long, hard day, and much more.

A time study suggests that even just 20 minutes spent out in the presence of plants, trees, and the grassy landscape of the outdoors can reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and provide a host of other health benefits. By bringing some of this inside the home, you can incorporate much of the rejuvenating power of plant life with ease.

Plants provide a strong supplement to therapy-based treatment plans.

Whether you’re dealing with substance use disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, or any other mental health concern, the healing duo of family therapy, group therapy, or any other therapy session coupled with the introduction of space-beautifying plants can be powerful. With a health care provider like Charlie Health, finding the right mental health experts in your local Bozeman, Montana, or Boise, Idaho, neighborhood is simple and effective. Charlie Health offers young adults and their families the perfect, virtual intensive outpatient program that specializes in tailored treatment programs for young adults and teens who require individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and other psychiatric support.

Tackling depression, bipolar disorder, substance use disorders, and many other mental health concerns is what these types of psychologists do on a daily basis, and pairing this with your own positivity in the home can be the make or break difference in your road to recovery from whatever trauma you are dealing with in your personal life.


The truth is that over one quarter of U.S. adults and young adults (aged 18 and older) suffer from a diagnosable—and ultimately manageable—mental illness in any given year. This figure has been pushed to its limits in the age of the coronavirus, however. More U.S. adults than ever are battling depression, anxiety, and a huge dollop of stress as a result of workplace-related chaos, health care service outages, and much more. We’ve all been taxed to our limits over the last two years, and psychiatric support coupled with smart and simple home hacks for peace of mind and comfort offer a streamlined answer to it all.

With the introduction of a “garden” of houseplants, remembering to make time for your hanging plants, potted plants, and others can provide the impetus that you need to set aside time for meditation and other measures designed to support your own happy and healthy transformation. Handling a mental illness isn’t just about pushing your feelings down or seeking out medicinal support. There are a great many ways to manage and defeat these types of stressors and symptoms, and bringing green space into your living area provides a fantastic bridge toward a future of greater stability and peace of mind.

If you are battling with issues relating to self-care, try incorporating some plant life into your daily life for a unique and powerful change of pace.

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