How Crypto Currency Changed Sports Betting

Online sports betting all over the world received a big change when cryptocurrency became involved with sports betting, and bookmakers began to accept it when they were taking bets off their customers. This has made sports betting far more accessible for people, and while some won’t notice a difference it has broken down a few boundaries for some online players.

One Currency Regardless of Your Location

Something that troubled a lot of punters was that if they lived in a different country to their bookmaker they would have to bet in a currency that was not familiar with them. There are no issues like this for those who bet using any cryptocurrency. Regardless of where you are situated or where your bookmaker is, you can add funds to your crypto wallet, send them across to your bookmaker and place bets using their currency on the sports they love. This makes things a lot easier for punters and has given people the chance to bet with bookmakers that they previously couldn’t.

The Ultimate in Online Secure Payments

Before cryptocurrency sports betting, if you wanted to place bets online you have to either sign up and deposit money using a debit or credit card, or you had to use an online e-wallet. Cryptocurrency offers you the chance to complete online money transactions using the ultimate online payment security. The big reason why so many people are turning to cryptocurrency when paying online is because of the security it brings, and that is no different in terms of betting. If you were previously unsure about betting online because of security issues, you can now bet with ease and peace of mind when you send your cryptocurrency funds.

No Payment and Personal Details Held

Another security reason for using cryptocurrency is that the bookmaker you use will not hold any details for you when you transfer money to them. If you pay with cryptocurrency then all they get is the funds that you send, which go into your account. For example, compare this to depositing with a credit card and the bookmaker will know your name and card number, which is highly sensitive information and something that you want to protect as much as you can. Cryptocurrency allows you to protect these details, while also allowing you to place bets online.

Fast Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency payments happen instantly, whether you are transferring money to your bookmaker or you are receiving money from them. All you need is for the bookmaker to approve the withdrawal request, which usually happens within a few hours, and then the money will be on its way to you. This gives cryptocurrency a big advantage compared to using a credit card when you are receiving payment of your winnings from the bookmaker.

When you receive a payment onto your card, not only does the bookmaker need to approve and send the payment, but the bank also needs to accept it and add it to your account, all of which often takes three to five working days. When you add on top of this the additional days for transferring from a different country, and fees you may have to pay because of this, withdrawing cryptocurrency from your bookmaker has many advantages over using your credit card.

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