How Content Marketing Can Help With Link Building: Know More

Although many would argue that link building is no more effective, don’t let them fool you. Indeed, backlinks still hold a significant rank under top 3 signals in Google’s search algorithm.

However, that does not mean that it is the same as it used to be a few years ago.

While link building is becoming more and more difficult, content marketing is gaining traction in the world of online marketing. And to your surprise, it can also help with effective link building strategies.

You’re wondering how?

Well, we suggest you keep reading to know more.

Show Your Expertise

A significant number of online marketers quote that online users seek advice from experts within a particular trade or industry. Notably, it is not at all difficult as it may seem at the first glance.

Well, to put it simply, you already possess the expertise within your field. All you need to do is draft your expertise into catchy content pieces. And embed a link to your website in it.

You need not do it on your own, entirely. In other words, you can draft a rough piece of content, and seek help from a professional. As the SEO in 2021 is bound to evolve, so should your practices. And hiring an expert writer for your content might just be the perfect solution to your link building needs.

Take Part In Content Submissions

Another effective way to secure a healthy backlink for your website is by submitting content on third-party domains.

To put this into perspective, you’ll still need an engaging and expert piece of content. However, when creating content to be published on a third-party domain, you need to familiarize with their writing style.

It is noteworthy that ghostwriters, are pretty handy when you need to create content pieces from a different perspective. And, of course, you can still embed a link to your website in the content before sharing it for publishing.

Collaborate With Press Release Agencies

Did you know that most of the startups and businesses make use of press releases to make public announcements? It could be anything between product launch to an update about the managerial committee.

However, it is also noteworthy that collaborating with press release agencies is not superficial. As this article suggests, press releases are precisely curated to create awareness. Free from all the jargon and junk, and only the information to be shared.

Perhaps, one of the most influential and effective strategies to seek a high-quality backlink, that not only brings referral traffic and healthy link juice but also generates a brand image for your business.

Seek Guest Posting Opportunities

Last but not least, you can seek guest posting opportunities. To your surprise, guest posting is still amongst the most popular of the link building tactics.

It is not only a long-term promise to building a healthy backlinks profile but also helps with organic keyword accumulation.

To put this into perspective, guest posting tactics make use of a variety of anchor texts that help with keyword generation. And it needs no mention, the more keywords your website has, the better are its chances to rank on the first page. And subsequently, top ranks within the first page.

Content marketing is all about spreading the words around about a product or a service, or a brand. And notably, the content could be anything from text to images and so on.

The choice of the type of content rests on you depending upon the results you seek out of your marketing efforts.


  1. “Content marketing is all about spreading the words around about a product or a service, or a brand.”

    Very true! The more people know about your brand, product, or service, the higher your chances of success. Success can mean increased traffic to your website, garnering sales, or getting a higher rank on Google. All these can be made possible through the simple act of link building. Amazing, isn’t?

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