Heres’s How to Keep Your Kids Entertained When Working From Home

With most of the country on lockdown due to COVID-19, many people are finding themselves working from home to help slow the spread of the virus. And if you’re one of the many parents who are working from home now, you may be struggling to adjust to your new circumstances. Trying to work while keeping your kids busy can be challenging, to say the least — but fortunately, these tips may be able to help keep your kiddos entertained so you can get your work done.

Encourage Reading

Reading is the perfect quiet activity to preoccupy your big kids while you work. If you have books lying around your house, let your kids pick some out to read — you can even make reading part of your homeschooling or give small rewards for every book they finish. If you have younger kids who can’t quite read on their own, you and your partner can take turns reading with them or you can have your older kids read with the younger ones. Reading is the perfect activity to entertain kids and help further their reading skills, too.


Get Outside

If the weather is nice where you live, take advantage of it and get outside. If you have a safe, enclosed backyard you can watch your kids play in, make sure they’re getting outside each and every day. You can even take your breaks from work and spend time outside with them because it’s no good to have the whole family cooped up in the house every day. Consider making outside time family time — you can play in the backyard or even go on walks around the neighborhood if it’s safe to do so. If your kids aren’t a fan of walks, you can put them in a stroller for your walk.

And fortunately for you, reviewed the best strollers for big kids — today’s strollers can accommodate kids of all ages and those with special needs, too. With the best stroller for your kids’ needs, you can enjoy time outside with ease. Now is the time to invest in great strollers because not only is the weather getting nicer, but unfortunately, you don’t know how long you may all be stuck at home together.

Utilize Screens

While many parents don’t want their kids spending all day on the computer, tablet, or in front of the television, screens can be extremely helpful right now. If you have something you need to get done, like a video chat meeting or an important project, tech devices can certainly keep your kids entertained. For your bigger kids, consider downloading some educational apps or games they can work on and for younger kids, you can put on an educational show. Try to schedule screen time for when you know you’ll be extremely busy so you can continue to limit their screen exposure but still get work done.

Break Out Toys

There’s a good chance you have a stockpile of toys for your kids and now is the time to use them. Some may be old and some may be new with the price tag still on — either way, there’s bound to be something for your kids to play with. Toys are always a great option for kids of all ages, from one-year-olds to pre-teens. Toys can help stimulate the imagination, be educational, and you don’t need much space for playing. Whether it’s something simple, like blocks and dolls, or something more in-depth, like lego kits, toys will keep your kids occupied for hours.

Learning to work from home while your whole family is there is something that can take time to get used to — and if you’re still trying to figure out a routine that works for your kids, don’t worry, it will get easier. And hopefully, these simple activity ideas will help you ensure your kids stay out of your hair while you’re trying to be productive.

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