Grow Your E-Commerce Business on Instagram with Smart Marketing Tips

Instagram is undeniably the best and the most popular social media platform for boosting e-commerce business. It accepts and welcomes brands with open arms. Instagram is that social networking site which would be helping businesses reach a wider audience, enhance your brand awareness, and boost sales for your e-store. Here are some of the best growth marketing tricks for e-commerce businesses on Instagram. These tips are effectively designed for boosting your following and enhancing your Instagram engagement so that it culminates in a definite boost in sales for your e-store.

Use Hashtags Tactically

Hashtags are supposed to be the most effective tools at your disposal and they could help you reach and connect with a much broader audience, hence, it would culminate in more followers, better overall outcomes, and of course, much better engagement. Here are a few smart tricks for taking the maximum advantage of your hashtags.

  • Try using 7 to 10 hashtags for every post with the aim of maximizing your reach and get the maximum number of likes possible. You may try out using as many hashtags per post as you want and see how it influences the results.
  • Consider posting your hashtags within a comment as then your post would look far cleaner. Hashtags are provided to assist people in finding you.
  • You may consider mixing a number of hashtags on a post. It is a good idea to incorporate a combination of different hashtags for helping you achieve your different goals and aspirations.
  • The hashtags that you would be using must always be relevant to the post you are sharing on the platform. The underlying idea is to reach individuals who are essentially a part of precisely your target audience and who actually have the potential to transform into your customers.

Focus on User Generated Content

Word of mouth is the most effective marketing tactic there is. People tend to trust other people more than they would trust brands. People might like the products you display, but if they see their acquaintances, or even other people online using these products and writing rave reviews, they are bound to extend their interest, make purchases, and further generate buzz. You can capitalize on this by combining top-quality user-generated content with your e-commerce initiatives. This extends your reach and also boosts engagement. You may visit for perfect automatic instagram likes solutions such as buying real Instagram likes.

Stay Away from Being Excessively Promotional

As an organization, you would certainly be interested in posting promotional pictures, or even pictures of your products. It is a fact that usually, e-commerce brands perform very well on Instagram, the most powerful marketing tool for e-commerce businesses. However, avoid going overboard as an exceedingly promotional approach may not lead to a really engaging account.

There are a plethora of pictures, stories, and videos that you could post which may not necessarily highlight your specific brand or products. You may post interesting pictures of food, pets, videos, and pictures from office, consider highlighting your team in photos, stories, and videos to demonstrate various aspects of your business.

You may incorporate quotes into Instagram posts as that would be generating a whole lot of views and of course, engagement. You must give top priority to your brand yet there is absolutely no harm done if you diversify your specific content on a regular basis. In reality, it could assist you in fetching better outcomes overall and people would be getting a concrete reason for engaging with you, or like your comment or even contribute with comments.


As discussed earlier Instagram could be the best tool for social media marketing. It is great for promoting your brands, products, and services as it is a highly visual platform that is just right for showcasing and highlighting your products.

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Bryan Anderson. He is a web designer, techie, and a passionate blogger. In his extensive career, he has helped several companies build their e-commerce websites. In his blog posts, he provides a whole lot of information including recommendations such as for perfect solutions.

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