Getting Ready for a New Baby

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family, congratulations! A new baby is an amazing gift. If this isn’t your first rodeo, it’s possible that you feel more prepared now. That doesn’t mean you don’t have jitters, but you probably aren’t an nervous as you were the first time. Having a baby for the first time is often nerve-wracking. If this is your first birth, and your first introduction to parenthood, we have some simple steps for getting through it.

There’s a great deal for which to prepare while you wait for your baby to arrive. Besides the many little things you’ll need, like diapers, baby shampoo, baby nail clippers, baby clothes, and more, you’ll also need bigger things. If you’re feeling a little swamped, stressed, and overwhelmed, here are some simple checklist items. Once you cross each one of these things off your list, you’ll be more prepared for you new baby.

The Baby Shower

One of the biggest helps you’ll receive as you plan for your new baby is your shower. You might have one baby shower, or two: one for friends and the other for family. Either way, you get to set up a baby registry, accept gifts from your loved ones, and better prepare for your new little human. Once the shower date arrives, your job is to enjoy yourself. Before the shower, however, you have a job: registering for the right stuff. You can use a few baby shower tips for getting good stuff. For example, if you don’t announce the gender until after the shower, you’ll get more practical stuff, and fewer cute outfits. Register for the stuff you need, including the stuff you haven’t yet considered. It helps to look at a baby registry list online, so you know you’re not forgetting important stuff.

Prenatal Health

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby during this season is to stay healthy. Commit to safe pregnancy exercises while your baby grows, and talk to your doctor about prenatal vitamins. It’s important that you get all the right nutrients as your baby grows, and that you stay away from smoking and alcohol. You could also consult a dietician; someone who trained in allied health degree programs to counsel you and your baby. They can get you on a good diet, talk you through morning sickness problems, and more. Your health, and the health of your baby, are a day-to-day commitment, so enlist the help of doctors to make the most of your child’s time in the womb.

A Nursery

For the first few months, you may want to keep your baby’s crib in the room with you. Soon, however, your new family member will need his or her own room, and you should be prepared for that. As long as you have space for him or her in your current home or apartment, you don’t need to move. If you don’t have enough space for a three person family, however, you should consider moving. Getting a nursery set up can be the most fun part of waiting for your baby, since you get to pick the decor. Whether it’s Harry Potter or Star Wars themed, pretty in pink or blue, or yellow and full of giraffes, your baby’s nursery is the perfect place to start dreaming of your future life. You can paint several months in advance, so your little one isn’t breathing in new paint, and get the crib, toys, and changing station all ready to go.

A New House

If you do need to relocate to make room for baby, now is the time. You may be in an apartment that only fits two, or you simply want to raise your family in a house. Either way, if it’s time to find a house, you have a few options. No matter where you live, you should go with something well within your means, to make sure your mortgage doesn’t become a burden later. You can have a house built by first home builders, so your dream house is everything you want. Or, you can look for the perfect house, already standing, in the right neighborhood. A trusted real estate agent, like Ryan McCann can help you find the perfect house. Whether you want to live in the country or the city, near good schools or near family, the perfect house is waiting. Finding the right home can be a challenge, but once you move in, you’ll be sure you found the right place.

A New Car

You may not need a new car after your first baby. If this is your second or third, however, you’ll definitely need a car for everyone to get around in. If you only had one vehicle, you may need to purchase a second, since both of you will need reliable transportation now. You can start browsing for the right used car on Craigslist, or look at new 2018 Ford vehicles. Whatever your hopes for your new car, it’s time to find the right one, before baby arrives. You don’t want to look for a car when you’re in baby-crush mode, or suffering from sleep deprivation. Your new car will help you get to pediatric appointments, grandma’s house, and maybe even the hospital for delivery. Having a reliable new car is important, so make sure you check that one off your list.

Birth Plan

The thing about which you may be most nervous isn’t the car. It isn’t getting the right baby registry items. It’s giving birth! Giving birth is often a frightening topic, especially if you’ve never given birth before. It’s important to talk through every one of your worries with your doctor or midwife. There are breathing exercises you can learn to make the process easier, and you have the option of an epidural in the hospital, in most situations. Learn about your different birth options, talk out your fears, and get ready for a fantastic birth. Today, with skilled doctors, hospital equipment on hand, and a playlist of music on the in background, many women report easy births. Your birth doesn’t have to be a cause of stress or worry for you, so talk out your fears, have a spouse or trusted friend in the room with you, and start a positive thinking trend about your birth experience.

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