Geeking Out Time! Did You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Each year, we ring in the New Year enjoying parades and parties with friends and making at least one New Year’s resolution each year. People have been making resolutions to kick start new year since ancient times. Being human, we deal with different sectors of lives; therefore we set goals related to professional, private and health. Most famous New Year’s resolutions are: 1) drink less, 2) help others, 3) get fit, 4) find new job, 5) quit smoking, 6) enjoy life, 7) lose weight, 8) find love, 9) save money, 10) take a trip, and 11) join gym.

But, how long do people keep their resolutions?  Amazingly, according to the study by University of Scranton, just 64% keep up with their resolutions for first month of January, and 46% make them past 6 months. Only 8% succeed in achieving their resolution at the end of the year.

In January 2013, you made resolutions, like hundreds and thousands of people, with good intentions but now its May, so you have to geek out whether you still keep them or not. You might have been facing resistances, so its time to revive all as well as know and combat those resistances to achieve your goals in the end of this year. There are three main questions, you mush ask yourself:

One: Did You Always Dream About Your Set Goals?

Objectives are set to benefit us and not meant to make our lives hard.

“The slowest, who does not lose sight of his goal, will always outstrip him who wanders aimlessly”. (GE Lessing)

Psychologists say that the most successful people always have one thing common and that is they dream incessantly about how to achieve what they have set out. And, then, they do not stop just here, but they act the way they dream they should.

Two: Did Your Resolutions Help You Make Wise Choices?

As you have already set your goals, you must know what to omit. If you have things to say ‘yes’, then say ‘no’ to others. Goals are not to complicate your life, but they should make you more focus. Many say setting high targets results in high stack of work. But, the fact is setting high goals should reduce your stack of work. Goals save you from doing more, than you could do it any other way.

Three: Did Your Resolutions Help you See Any Progress?

If you are struggling constantly towards achieving your goals, but feel little and couldn’t progress ahead than your past, then you mush review your resolutions. Goals must not be necessarily big and bulky; they can be rather small and simple. It does not matter whether you are quick or slow, but if you are progressing, the resolutions will definitely take you from where you are towards where you want.

Final Advice:

It is wise thinking to make a written report of your resolutions and objectives as it has many advantages. It makes your thoughts clearer and helps you in easy identification of what do you actually want to achieve. It will make you more serious about acting towards their achievement. It is probably the easiest way to keep your resolutions and objectives organized, which is never possible in busy life of mind.

Once written, read them again and again till you achieve it. Ask yourself, are you constantly dreaming about them and imagine, how wonderful it would be, if achieved.

Once you start regularly thinking in mind, you’ll soon realize that lots of ideas and good opportunities will start coming to your mind, which will result in faster contribution towards their implementation.

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