All you need to know about the Google Glass

Google Glass is the latest innovation from the world’s most innovative company and currently it is a toy among developers. While the developers are testing out the Explorer version, many people are expecting different things from the Google Glass. It is also having different meaning of use for everyone out there. For some people the Glass is unavoidable headwear with the futuristic life screen, and it is the next big step in the personal computing.  For some others, it is just another gadget without any practical use and they say who would really like to wear it in the public? However, leaving the meaning of the Glass to the masses, we have listed some important things you need to know about the Google Glass.

What is the Google Glass? 

Google Glass is a pair of spectacles with some cool uses which can turn the science fiction in toa reality. It is built to gather data from portable devices and computers, and then placing it just in front of your eyes. It has camera, microphone, display, touchpad and battery packed directly into a spectacle frame. It can do a lot of stuffs like taking photos, videos, giving you direction and more just using some voice commands. Check out more about the uses of the Glass below.

How does it work? 

There is a small screen on the device that you can adjust on the top of the right eye till you get clear vision. You will need to pair it using Bluetooth to your Android device. The connection to Android can be configured using MyGlass application. But, you can still take photos and videos without connecting it to any portable device. There are two ways to control the Glass. You can control it either by using the touch bar on the right arm of the Glass or through voice commands.

What you can do with it? 

You might be wondering about what you can actually do with the Google Glasses. Well,the company and developers have already achieved doing a number of good things with it and the innovation is still on. Let’s discuss some of the cool uses of the device.

It enables you to take photos and videos using its 5MP camera and share them directly to the Google Plus. But, don’t expect great quality from the camera and the sharing is only limited to Google plus at the moment.

The second main use is getting notifications & replying your mails, messages, calls etc. You can also use other Google services with the Glass like getting directions, checking weather information etc. One of the coolest uses is asking questions to the glass like, “How do you say Love in German?”, and it will answer it for you.

These are some cool stuffs you can do with the Glass as of now. Developers are playing with it to bring some cool applications for fancy use.The future seems an exciting place with all the cool new gadgets from tech giants. Google Glass also has a great potential in changing the way people react with the world.

 Editor’s Note: The editorial is written by Sanjay Kumar Negi, working at

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