Fun & Easy Vacation Ideas for Families with Small Children

Contrary to popular belief, vacations are not always about a luxury getaway; instead, they contribute to an overall healthy and well-balanced life. Modern-day stress affects the quality of life, how we think and how we interact with those around us. When family members are involved, vacationing can greatly improve the relationships we have with our loved ones. Memories created during a family vacation have a positive, long-lasting impact that surpasses any joy we derive from material possessions. Read on to discover some fun and easy ideas for vacationing with family and children.

Snorkeling in the great barrier reef

The great barrier reef is officially the planet’s largest ecosystem of coral reefs. Located in Queensland, Australia, the reef is of enormous intrinsic importance to Australia and the world, and it’s easy to see why. Stretching for over 2,300 kilometers, it is highly unlikely that you will explore all its hidden treasures in a day’s trip. An excursion to the outer reaches of the reef takes several hours; however, the inner reef on low isles is easily accessible via a sailboat.

The blue lagoon offers a fantastic snorkeling experience; your loved ones can identify and interact with the abundant marine life. If your kids are too small for snorkeling, there’s the option of taking a guided tour on a glass boat. Your kids and loved ones will learn from the marine biologists on board about all the marine life they encounter during the trip. If you choose to stay longer, port Douglas and Cairns have fantastic family hotels with beachfront amenities.

Camping adventure

From pristine waters to abundant wildlife and neat woodlands, Pennsylvania is a magical state. Here, plenty of outdoor activities will appeal to families, especially those with small children. While camping in Pennsylvania, your kids will marvel at the unique wildlife in their natural habitats, away from crowded zoos and circuses. From flying weasels to over 400 species of birds found nowhere else on the planet, Pennsylvania is a place to enjoy the bounties of nature.

The over 180 biking trails traversing the entire state provide a thrilling experience for bikers of all levels. Other fun activities include water rafting, rock climbing, and a host of other cross country events. After a day of fun-filled adventure, set up camp in the wilderness away from pollution and in the full gaze of the night-time sky.

Swimming and sand bathing on Bondi Beach, Sydney

Sydney, situated in southeast Australia, is the country’s largest city and is often a top destination for many tourists. Away from the bustling city is Bondi beach, renowned for its spectacular curling waves that are a huge attraction for surfers, both old and young. Surfing classes are available for both kids and adults at any of the surf schools along the beach. Its open-air and laid-back character makes it a great place for a family getaway. Take your loved ones out for a stroll along the fine sandy beach and enjoy a refreshing swim.

The beach hosts a vibrant open-air market where tourists can shop for swimwear from local and international designers. Open-air dining is another special treat at Bondi beach. Get a taste of Australia’s cuisine at one of the many award-winning restaurants overlooking the beach. Nearby, the Sydney harbor bridge offers an exciting climbing expedition to all families with kids aged eight and above. There are plenty of hostels and classy apartments should you choose to extend your stay here.


Starting your vacation plans early enough is important as it ensures it gives you better control of the cost and scheduled activities. Airline tickets and hotel bookings should be made preferably a few months in advance. Additionally, understanding your family’s needs and desires ensures everybody involved gets the best possible experience from the trip. For parents with kids of different ages, you might need to strike a balance by choosing a destination that offers you the best of both worlds. Lastly, taking advantage of off-peak times can leave you lots of spare cash. You can save upwards of 50% in booking and admission costs if you can avoid peak times such as Christmas and other holidays. Follow the link below for more vacation planning tips.

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