Evolution of Online Education

As we all know that Education is the key to success for any individual and also important for intellectual growth of a person and pursuing this we would like to present some informative points about era of online education.

Although Education is the necessary and must needed element for anyone’s life but somewhere down the line many students who wanted to pursue their higher education in last few decades couldn’t manage to achieve their goal because of various problems which includes family problem, health-issues and other minor problem etc.

It happened because in previous time or you can say that before 2010 education was hardly available in virtual world so people had to face various problem especially for handicapped people.

But now era of online education is evolving and it has changed amazingly in last few years because many institutes and universities are now offering online degrees and providing facilities of distant-education. But the great thing about this evolution is that it has not been restricted to exceptional countries but now distant-education has now been offered by various universities and institutes across the world.

Apart from this, other problem was faced by distant-education’s students that how could it be possible for them to receive guiding, tuition and counselling regarding their online courses especially for physically challenged people So for that section of people and for many students, Internet have solved this problem in last several years as many online guiding startups are providing online guide and tutorial for various courses like KhanAcademy, Meritnation and other emerging sites like Intellipat.com and they’re also recommended by us because they’re also offering services and guiding regarding Hadoop Big Data.

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