EaseUS Partition Master Free 11.0 Review

EaseUS Partition Master Free 11.0 is a free disk partition management tool that helps you to extend c drive, settle down the problem of low disk space, manage disk space easily on MBR and GPT disk.

But before proceeding, it is important for you people to understand that why is it significant to have a reliable partition management software. Well you see, disk partitions are essential to managing your data into different drives. It is also important to keep the system drives different and perform scheduled maintenance tasks includes cleaning etc. on them so that your operating system is getting optimized on a regular interval and provides you a better experience of computing.

And here software like EaseUS Partition Master plays a considerable role of free partition manager as it is benign at managing the various numerators of your system. It comes with features like resize/move partitions without any data loss, converts MBR to GPT disk and vice-versa, secure wiping, partition managing, copying, deletion, and creation.

So, here we are going to scrutinize the different aspects of this software so that you can use this tool in a most effective way.


partition master ui

I have mentioned this numerous times in my other software reviews that the user-interface is the most significant aspect as that is the point where a customer actually interacts with the software. So if we are talking about the UI of EaseUS partition master free, then I would like to admit the deed that its interface is simplified by its makers for novice PC users. Having said that, although the UI is simple still, there are certain technical terms that have been used in the Master’s wizard that might take some time for you to understand clearly.

Let’s start with the Partition Master Free 11.0

The installation mechanism of EaseUS partition master is simple, and anyone with a novice PC knowledge can execute the task. Primarily, you have to download the free version of Partition Master, which takes few minutes to get install.

Last year, we saw some major improvements by the EaseUS Partition Master via 10.5 version which brought better UI, support for larger disks and conversion between GPT and MBR disks. Overall partition master seems to be a great alternative to partition magic free.

But with this new update, the 11.0 version has following fresh features:

  • Clean and optimization tools keep your PC high-performance.
  • Create more efficient WinPE bootable.
  • Easier to find commonly used functions.
  • Migrate and clone system stable.

Word of Caution: Although you can perform plenty of operations on your hard disks without the dread of losing data but still, I would recommend you to backup data just in case you encounter any unfortunate error. The EaseUS have their data backup and recovery software, but you can use anything you like to backup the data to partitions before performing any operations on them. It is recommended, to double sure that the data stays safely with you in case of any problem otherwise, EaseUS’s Partition master is competent of performing multiple actions on partitions without damaging the data.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master

There are a variety of features and operation available with easeus partition manager. You can find a variety of features under the ‘operations’ tab that includes migration of OS to SSD, resize, copy, merge partition, convert to logical, defragment etc.

After a fair usage of Partition Master, I really liked some of the operations that include ‘Migration of OS to SSD’ this particular feature fascinates me a lot as you can move the entire operating system from one disk to another without damaging the files. The operating system works fine after moving. Although it is not cloning but provides a similar effect where instead of copying the OS, it is moved from one disk to another, then you can use the other disk as precursive to boot the PC and run files.

There is another feature called ‘Merge partition’ where you can merge two partitions without any loss of data. The partition should be chain or succession. For instance, you can merge drive E with F or G. All you are required to do is to select E, click on Marge partition and then select a partition succeeding or preceding it.

Apart from that, there are other features like splitting the partitions by shrinking them, enlarge partitions by merging them, copying a partition or exploring the partition.


  • Easy to Install
  • Comfort of Migrating OS to SSD
  • Cluster of Effective Tools


  • UI is complex for some users

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