Designer Diamond Bangles To Coordinate With Your Outfit

The most common and important item of a Women’s wardrobe is bangles. One cannot escape the beauty of a bangle filled hand, making subtle clinks and when they are gold bangles the sounds are even precious. Buying designer gold bangles online has now become easy with an array of options available. There are a number of online portals who offer free trial services and video shopping for you to choose from. While choosing DESIGNER GOLD BANGLES let us first look into different types of bangles that are available to choose from.

These wrist charmers are the best gift you can present someone or treat yourself with.  Here are a few types of bangles which would help you decide to buy.

Special Occasion Bangles

Designer Diamond Bangles are slowly catching up as another important item in the treasure chest. Diamond bangles always stand out because of their shine and allure, hence they can be used either as single bangles or can be stacked with regular bangles. Whatever may be the combination, they are sure to draw attention.

Casual Bangles

Bangles are the most classic pieces which complement any attire. Whether they are paired with regular bangles or worn alone, their sheer glow will add beauty to your delicate arms. While purchasing casual bangles you are sure to get perplexed with the versatile range of designs that are available. They make great gifts and come at affordable prices. Also while buying casual bangles please note that you buy pure gold bangles without any added gemstones as the daily use would wear out the shine.

Office wear bangles

Office wear bangles always bring grace and elegance together on to your wrists. Most of the office wear bangles are subtle in design and finish. Latest design trends show that lightweight bangles with rose gold or white gold finish are gaining popularity in this section. Also, search for office wear bangles that are made of 18k or less as it carries a matte or dull finish which makes it ideal for office wear.

Gemstone Bangles

Gemstone bangles are glamourous additions to your Jewellery kitty. They add beauty to any traditional saree and when you add them with a bunch of regular bangles, it creates an awe factor. Please note that all gemstone bangles may not be precious and hence one needs to be extra cautious in ascertaining this.

Single bangles

New Antique Gold Jewellery Designs often come in exclusive pieces. These designer pieces are heavily populated with precious stones and are unique. They are stand out pieces which need not be matched with any other bangles. One can wear them and flaunt their classic style. There are a wide range of designs that are available to choose from.


Another genre in bangles are bracelets, they are sleek, stylish and contemporary wrist caressing pieces which are worn by millennials and teenagers. Bracelets are usually worn as single stand out pieces. They come in gold, diamonds, and gemstones. Bracelets can be used as regular wear or based on the occasion. They are usually lightweight and minimalistic in design, hence can be worn on a daily basis. Braceletworld is one amongst the many online stores where you can find different designs of bracelets that will match your style; they also use different precious materials.

Bracelets usually come in:

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Gemstone

Diamond Bracelets

One can never fail to make the first impression when diamonds encircle their wrist. Most Diamond Bracelet For Women come in two tones i.e. yellow and white gold. For ideal shine and brilliance, opt for a diamond color grade no less than I and clarity not less than SI2. The classic diamond bracelet is the tennis bracelet with a single line of diamonds sliding gracefully on the top.

Gemstone Bracelet

The next big alternatives to diamond bracelets are the gemstone bracelets. They are cost-effective, simplistic in design which can be worn on special occasions and ideal for even gifting purposes. Gemstone bracelets can also be chosen wisely based on our zodiac sign and suitable birthstone.

Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets make a bold statement. They are simple yet trendy, sleek yet sturdy. Most of all they can be used on a regular basis. Women looking to revamp their style quotient can always grab few gold bracelets and reinvent themselves. Coming at affordable prices, gold bracelets come in bountiful shapes and designs. One can also look for 18k and 14k rose gold, white gold bracelets to match their contemporary style.

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