Creating Your Business Cards

A lot has changed about the business world over the years. More of us are working from home, fewer of us are wearing suits and dresses, and an increasingly diverse workforce is making business more interesting and powerful than ever. But some things never go out of style, and business has a few classic elements that aren’t likely to change anytime soon. One of those is the business card — the deceptively simple and incredibly powerful networking tool.

Business cards still matter

Business cards were once a key tool for connecting with potential clients and fellow professionals — and they still are! Far from being replaced by things like the personal professional website or LinkedIn profile, business cards actually work in harmony with these things to create a more impressive overall impression. Modern business cards will include the traditional phone numbers and (sometimes) addresses but are now likely to include website URLs and social media account handles. Those newcomers are a sign of how business cards have adapted to our modern world, rather than being replaced by new methods of networking.

Designs and expectations

Business cards are still around, but they’ve changed. Those changes go beyond the aforementioned inclusion of things like web URLs. Business cards themselves have evolved, breaking free of old-school traditions and arming their bearers with new ways to stand out from the crowd. There are business cards that eschew the old-school rectangular shape in favor of something more unique, like business cards that light up, pop-up business cards, and even business cards that double as USB drives. These days, it seems, the sky’s the limit!

Of course, when it comes time to order your own business cards, you’re going to want to think carefully about whether and how to buck convention. Remember to take your profession, personality, and goals into account. If you’re an all-business finance expert looking for jobs, clients, or contacts in a traditional space, then you’re going to be looking at classic rectangular cards with squared corners, heavy paper, and classy fonts. If you’re a fresh face in a cutting-edge tech sector with a laid-back reputation, then you’ll be more likely to play with things like shape, color, and font.

Easy business card ordering

No matter what direction you choose to take your business cards, you should know that getting your hands on high-quality business cards is more affordable now than ever. That’s because there are reliable places to get business cards online, say experts at who produce business cards in Houston, Texas. These experts also recommend that you identify local providers in order to get superior service and so that contacting a customer service representative is easy to do if necessary.

Creating and ordering your perfect business card can be fast and easy, but do be sure to double-check and proofread your card. While cards are quite affordable, it will still be frustrating to find that you’ve ordered hundreds of cards that spell your own name wrong or provide the wrong phone number.

How to use your business cards

With your business cards in hand, you’ll be more than ready for your next networking event. Fit your business cards into your existing networking habits: you’ll find that they make things easier when it comes time to exchange contact information. Plus, you can easily give an extra card or two to someone who might be able to pass them along to other potential contacts. Just be sure that, as always, your networking is friendly and doesn’t feel pushy or demanding.

Business fads come and go, but business cards are here to stay. Create some of your own and get used to using them. You should find that they’re a big help in networking with peers, potential clients, and employers.

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