Could lip movement be a new form of password?

Biometric scanners are the new kinds of passwords now in this world. Now, many people rely on their biometric scanners for the purposes of making their private data secure and now, looks like the science guys have created a new form of password: the movement of your lips.

Apparently, a new study has now found that each person moves their lips slightly differently when they talk, and this new information opens up the possibility of computers that can be unlocked with a word through lip-reading.

And to make this discovery of some use to the humanity, Amad Hassanat at Jordan’s University of Mu’tah has trained software to seek patterns of lip movements and mouth movements that are associated with different words as people spoke while facing a camera.

And to give an idea of how the movement of your lips can possibly replace passwords, consider this situation: when you talk, sometimes you flash your teeth. How much flashing you do could possibly be a cue that it is you who are speaking and it could even recognize the word you are trying to speak. Hassanat also discovered that each person moved their lips slightly differently when they spoke. Moreover, according to him, it would be impossible even for the best actor to duplicate the lip movements of another person. That sounds to be quite reassuring.

From the person’s mouth movements alone, the system was able to correctly identify the words that were spoken almost 80 percent of the time, as reported by ‘New Scientist’.

But the truth is, even if this were to be implemented in the real world, it wouldn’t be a true biometric sensor and would only be a virtual form of biometric password. It seems to be closely resembling voice recognition software which can recognize your voice.


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