Company Outing Ideas: 5 Great Team Building Options

Did you know that companies with engaged employees enjoy up to 2.5 times more revenue? One way to help your employees stay engaged is to foster a positive and supportive working environment. To do this, you need to encourage your team to interact and bond with each other. 

The most successful company outing ideas are the ones that don’t feel like another day at the office. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help your team get out of the cubicles and start interacting with each other. 

Try one of these ideas with your team today. 

1. Mystery Dinner 

You could host a murder mystery dinner for your employees where they try to solve a murder while enjoying a delicious meal together. You could make it a family event and let your employees bring their significant others. This will make it feel less corporate and more informal. 

Your team will then work together to solve the mystery by using their observational and critical thinking skills. 

2. Volunteer 

What if you can do a little good while you foster stronger relationships among your team? If there’s an organization that is important to your employees, then this is a great place to start. 

You could head to your local soup kitchen, or help Habitat for Humanity, or help gather toys during the holidays. Try looking on a website like VolunteerMatch that can help you find opportunities for your team. 

3. Laser Tag 

If your company is more active, then they may love a day of laser tag. This activity will get their blood pumping. It’ll also encourage the exercise of strategy, logic, and teamwork skills. 

You can make the event a bit more fun by figuring out teams in advance. Then have each team dress up in their chosen theme. 

4. Cooking Class 

Host a cooking night where your employees can gather together and learn something new. Cooking together will help people bond on a personal level. So will learning a new skill together. 

Have people work in groups to foster a team-building atmosphere. They will have to learn how to work together to ensure their dish comes out delicious. 

Once everyone is done with cooking, you can all enjoy your creations. 

5. Escape Room 

Instead of taking your team to the traditional “team-building” retreat, why not head to your local escape room? These rooms require the same critical thinking and teamwork but are a whole lot more fun. 

Look for one that has several rooms and can accommodate larger groups. That way, everyone can participate at the same time. You could even compete to see who solves their room first. 

Try These Company Outing Ideas

While it’s important to put in hard work, you need to make time for fun too. By arranging company outings, you can maintain positive morale and company culture.

Try one of these companies outing ideas today and see the positive effects it has on your employees. 

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