Can You Make A Living From Selling Online?

If you want to know whether or not you can make a living selling on the internet, here is an all too common story. In the early morning hours of her apartment unit in Manhattan, Kathy is all set to write descriptions for her newly arrived boxes of energy booster drinks and supplements and post them on eBay. Ever the efficient time manager, she has all the things that are needed to get the job done within two hours or so. In fact, she has been very successful in the past years when she was selling these items plus other related products on websites like Amazon. Now that she has switched her business to eBay and owns a couple of stores on it, the business is declining. She is not sure whether she would be able to cover the rent of her studio space shared with another roommate or will have any money left after paying for basic food items, car gas to travel to and from Hyde Park post office and utilities.

So, to answer the question of whether selling anything online will earn you decent money to sustain for a day, months or years, it depends. Many factors will influence how much you will make or earn selling online. What type of product are you selling? What is your marketing strategy? Who is your audience? How much money or time is invested and what is the overhead cost? All these elements come into the picture in this particular scenario. Assuming you have the knowledge of how selling and buying work on the internet, there are many options to choose from when it comes to where and how you will sell. For example, if you have your own products to sell, there are plenty of websites that offer eCommerce support where you can set up your own store and reach targeted customers. In other cases, places like Newegg, TradeMe, Bonanza, eBay, Allegro, Amazon or Etsy are your best options to do business.

Tops on the list of don’ts though: Avoid Craigslist or any local websites that do not have an online transaction system in place. Websites like these are great for one-time selling like when you are moving and have bulky items to dispose of. However, they do not offer protection for either buyer or seller, hence not a safe option if you are looking for a transaction without hassles. eBay or Amazon, on the other hand, will make sure that you are paid on time even in the absence of communication with the buyers.

Knowing more about what you have to sell and where you want to sell can make you a smarter seller. If you are set to sell something that is in high demand, such as trendy clothing, new cellphone, sports collectibles, antique vehicles or latest beauty products, you can make a fortune overnight. However, if you are selling a used bike, books that have been sitting on the shelf for years or unwanted utensils, it might take a lifetime for anyone to show interest let alone make a living out of it. Additionally, new websites and software are being developed to make selling easier than ever. New techniques are on the horizon, so one should be a really knowledgeable seller in this competitive world in order to have an edge over other sellers.

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