Black Note E-Liquid, A Step Towards Rich and Safe Vaping Liquid

When it comes to tobacco vaping liquids or e-liquids, most of them suck for the fact that; they often come with elements like artificial flavors, chemical additives, or cheap sweeteners.

Now you must be thinking ‘what’s the solution to that?’ The new e-liquid mixer Black Note is aiming to fight all the odds, they’ve come up with a range of eight top-notch tobacco e-liquids that promise to be authentic and reliable. They are aiming to offer the real essence of the flavor of tobacco and to fulfill the urge of smokers, they’ve gone to the extended process to provide something extraordinary.

Now here the question is what makes them stand out of the crowd and why should someone switch to ‘Black Note E-Liquids’. So the answer to the million dollar question is here; Black Note uses the natural extraction process, utilizing the real tobacco leaves to prepare e-liquids with all the involution. This is something which cannot be achieved by opting artificial flavorings.

Also to that, their cold maceration process is the key constituent to their overall approach: technically, a six to eight weeks steeping process where no heat is involved, enabling the natural flavors and aroma of the tobacco to fully evolve. The basic idea behind eliminating the heat is that; the lack or absence of heat prevents the resulting e-liquid from being bitter, sour, or harsh. And keeps the throat hit easy and smooth. The icing on the cake is; they opt for only quality tobacco leaves from plants cultivated by high-end growers.


Considering the end product – each liquid you are getting is the outcome of months of process, and nurturing. You have to pay a bit more; you’ll get a 30 ml bottle for a $29, and for the ensemble package of six 10ml, you have to pay $59.


When we come across high-end products, then apart from its quality, we often look out for the packaging and design to estimate the mindset of the brand. Talking about the Black Note’s packaging; the company played really high on the packaging & design quotient. The bottle comes in cardboard tubes, and paper coloring. You’ll also get to see stuff like logo displayed on the front, alongside with company name and stamp affixed with batch etc. The outer part of the case also shows batch number, description of the flavors, PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, and standard warnings.

The bottles also carry pretty much the same information as you can see on the casing, it is childproofing as well and it is more like a typical medicine bottle – you just require to pushing down and turning.


  • Quality product
  • Option of eight tobacco e-liquids (via naturally extracted flavors)
  • Five nicotine levels: 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg/ml.
  • Finest flavors – the most authentic tobacco vaping liquid
  • No harshness in taste
  • Good vapor production and throat-hit all around


  • Pricing on higher side
  • Suitable for the advanced users


Though the pricing of the Black Note e-liquids is a bit on a higher side but it payoff really well if you look into the resulting product you are getting. In simple words, it is a quality e-liquid brand for all those tobacco experts. The line-up of Black Note is pretty attractive as its flavors are rich, balanced, and well-diversified to their approach. The way they’ve crafted the whole e-liquid line-up is quite impressive and it gives you the true essence of the genuine article.

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