8 Ways to Hit Gold By Setting Up Your Own Video Streaming Software

The world of video streaming is an endless trove of opportunity, holding myriad paths for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. Often, setting up a video streaming software is just the first step in a series of milestones that an entrepreneur must cross in order to scale to a mass level. The truth is, each aspiring business owner has his or her own path, and there are no rules set in stone that guarantee a way to the top. However, incorporating some key activities in your overall business growth plan can arm you with enough ammunition to make a mark in the world of video.

With these ten simple steps, you can point your business to profitability and growth, and fulfil your entrepreneurial goals along the way.

Step 1. Pick a Superior, Yet Pocket-Friendly Technology

The first step to creating a robust video streaming platform is investing in a superior framework. Of course, you don’t need to purchase a framework; you could build one yourself, but remember that this could take months, and would likely entail a hefty investment. Plus, you’d need to hire and train coders and then spend another few months pursuing an output. Instead, there are several turnkey video streaming software frameworks in the market that simply plug into your existing website’s technology layers. StreamTube is a hot technology that has made its way to the technology stack of many coveted companies in Silicon Valley and across the globe. With inbuilt themes that lend a unique creative aesthetic to your website and dozens of customization options, your site is sure to stand apart.

Step 2. Appoint Influencers and Online Personalities

The best way to draw users is through influencers. Social media celebrities are great spokespeople for brands and you should consider collaborating with select influencers in order to promote your platform on social media platforms and mass video platforms like YouTube. Many influencers spread their wings across several platforms to maximize their reach. Set up an arrangement that works for both parties. Free gift cards, coupons, and complimentary gifts can work wonders if you are hard-pressed for funds. Alternatively, if you have limited resources to ration, promote yourself as a personality by uploading entertaining videos that hold the potential to go viral. If your site is about cooking, whip up a dazzling recipe, for instance. Demonstrate creative products and create a brand for yourself. This is key in propelling your video streaming software forward and reaching customers in a way that isn’t possible through any other marketing vehicle.

Step 3. Build a Knowledge Base

If your streaming software is niche or pertains to a specific industry, your users will need a certain amount of onboarding to be familiarized with the features and nature of your platform. You’re the best face for your brand your conviction can effectively be translated into clever marketing tools. Create a vlog series about the features of your streaming software, how you intend to power it and offers that may be in the offing. Also think about featuring quirky conversations with a handful of existing users, capturing their thoughts. Vlogs are excellent informal communication vehicles.

Step 4. Point Your Streaming Software to a Store Presence

There’s always the potential for an upsell through a streaming software. Take YouTube for instance. The majority of beauty vloggers on the site host their own online stores selling cosmetics and beauty products. Pair your video platform with a digital store that allows multiple sellers. By assigning sales access to every user on your video streaming software, you can add an additional line of revenue through online retail, taking a small margin from every sale. Encourage your users to conduct tutorials to drive sales.

Step 5. Create How-To Videos

While we’ve already covered method tutorials in the previous point, we haven’t yet discussed just how to ease users onto your platform. How-to videos play an essential role in educating users about how to use your video streaming software. How-to guides are far more powerful than product demos because they are tailored to guide a new user through every stage of the usage arc. Informative videos can also minimize the influx of customer queries and concerns, leaving you with more time to grow your business. The good news is that frameworks like StreamTube are extremely intuitive and user-friendly, meaning that your users will be aligned to your interface almost instantly.

Step 6. Highlight Your Story

There’s nothing more impactful than a personal, poignant story. Spotlight your story through images, videos and blog posts on social media platforms. Include elements never seen or talked about before, like your way to entrepreneurship or the inspiration behind your brand. Digital denizens are drawn by inspiring, interesting messages and brand stories are great tools to augment recall, encourage loyalty and spread awareness.

Step 7. Leverage Loyal Customers

There are two ways to profit from happy customers. One is to record their feedback or review of your streaming software, and the second is to create a referral program. Both these tools entail a nonexistent cost and are powered by word-of-mouth. A video review can be posted on digital platforms as well as on your own streaming software. If you do create a referral program, make sure to provide an adequate benefit to both parties.

Step 8. Create a Buzz

Festivals, flea markets, and carnivals are ideal promotional forums if your video exudes a whimsical, off-duty vibe. They are especially useful if your platform is centered around recipes, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. If you favor a more serious, formal approach, consider putting the word out through blogs, guest posts on other websites and select digital updates. Whichever route you choose, however, remember to stitch your strategy around social media.

Striking gold on your entrepreneurial journey is a product of several dozen factors falling into place. But with a sturdy, quality framework like StreamTube and an effective marketing roster, you’re already halfway there.

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