Better travel experience with best smartphones

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we travel with newer and better features being released all the time to make our awful journeys that bit more bearable. Here are five of the best phones capable of sustained use with the graphics and power for hours of entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Arriving 13 months after the S3, the S4 looks like a cross between its predecessor and the Galaxy Note 2 but is super thin and light at 7.9mm and only 130 grams – perfect for carrying around. Its 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of RAM was the fastest of its time when it emerged, but others have since eclipsed this power and the S4 comes in 16, 32 or 64 GB versions which is impressive enough but can be expanded with a microSD card unlike the iPhones. It’s shipped with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and has a whole host of features like S Health, S Translator, an infrared for use as a TV remote and a barometer.

Samsung Note

This “phablet” – a cross between a phone and a tablet – is a 6inch beast which is surprisingly stylish and slim despite its size. The Snapdragon 800 processor is an impressive 2.3GHz with a mighty 3GB of RAM meaning games and large videos work with virtually no delay, presented beautifully on the 1920×1080 5.7inch screen. While not as pocket-friendly, the Note is perfect for long journeys and travelling and with a choice of 32 or 64GB with an SD expansion slot up to another 64GB you will have no trouble making the most of games and movies.


iPhone 5S

Apple’s latest smartphone has largely superficial differences when compared with the iPhone 5, but the biggest of these was easily the new Home button with fingerprint scanner which provides additional security for your device. You can register up to five fingers so if you’re trying to pacify children on long journeys you can set up their own log-in with parental control and its higher battery capacity means you won’t have to worry about it cutting out half way there. Additionally, the 64-bit A7 processor makes the iOS 7 super smooth to run!

Sony Xperia Z1

An evolved version of the Z, it feels similar but with an aluminium rim rather than plastic with slightly more curved edges which feels much better in the hand, and like other Sony phones it is waterproof and dust proof. Still 2GB of RAM but with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor with a speed of 2.2GHz it rivals almost any other smartphone for pure power, and its 16GB of internal storage can be added to by a microSD card which makes it perfect for storing images and notes from your journey, as well as being more than capable of running a number of apps.


After their collaboration with Google on the Nexus 4, LG moved on to create their own flagship smartphone – the G2, which is available for under £400 for 16GB. It looks similar to the Galaxy S4 at first but boasts a fiberglass-style back with a revolutionary decision to move the power key and volume buttons below the camera on the back of the phone. Smaller than the Z1 but with a 5.2 inch screen, it has the latest 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon with 2GB of RAM which becomes really noticeable in the speed of the transitions. The G2 comes in 16 or 32 GB but without a microSD slot, and its full HD display shows stunning images for games, film and television.

The Crunch

The differences between these phones might seem minimal but your choice depends entirely on what you need your smartphone for – while pretty much everyone uses their phone for simple things like telling the time, setting alarms and checking emails there are other functions to consider. If you like to take photos on your phone, you’ll want to go with a high specification camera; but if you like to play video games or practice your casino skills at chipzup while travelling around the country, you should go for processor speed and visual quality. It’s all personal.

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that it can be difficult to keep up – it seems that as soon as you get a new phone a better one for your needs is released! But by picking from this list of five you are bound to find a device to keep you, your family and friends entertained on those boring train journeys and long drives.

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