Best Yield Aggregators on BSC Platforms 2021

As we all know that Defi ecosystem is emerging out to be a boon for investors with idle funds and many people are looking to ride on this wave of decentralized finance to grow their funds.

To make things easier for people.

Here we’ve compiled the list of most reliable Yield aggregators on Binance smart contract platform that performed well on multiple parameters including authenticity, technology, innovative approach.


When it comes to Defi Yield Aggregators, Harvest has turned out to be an attractive maverick that makes it one of the largest yield aggregators with total value locked amounting to over $780 Million. It allows users to yield farm on Binance and engage diverse strategies on numerous platforms to maximize yields.

Rari Capital

Rari developed technology to optimize users’ earnings on passive capital. The Rari platform is utilized by crypto holders to maximize the yield by implementing methodologies such as market-making, insurance, and other mediums. Rari’s protocol helps in allocating the funds based on various parameters using in-built algorithms.


PancakeBunny is dedicated to supporting the DeFi ecosystem by offering an optimum way for users to automatically compound their yields through the Binance Smart Chain. It is also considered to one of the prominent yield aggregators out there leveraging multiple trading platforms to get the best trading conditions that ensure premium returns.


ValueDefi is emerging as a reliable yield aggregator in the defi ecosystem. It enables users to stake their tokens directly on the protocol to earn rewards. Like other players in the list, ValueDefi also put in place multiple strategies and platforms to escalate the highest possible returns for investors.

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