Best 8 Places To Have Summer Drinks In Delhi

It’s getting hotter and hotter day-by-day. Not even AC’s at our home is able to compensate on the amount of heat that we face on a daily basis. Our restless body is now screaming for some good summer drinks which will keep our body cool. That’s why we bring to you some best places where you can enjoy your evening sipping on that ice-ice baby! Whether its lemon soda or shikanji, we will cover each and every best places where you can simply have a good time and heal your screaming soul.

1. Our first pick is SagarRatna

You must be thinking why SagarRatna when we are talking about some good icy cold lemon sips? Well, SagarRatna has its branches all over in Delhi and they serve some really good refreshing Lime water with Soda. It’s a must try to quench your thirst. Besides you can also try their good food while having a sip of that tasty Lime water with soda with sugar or sugar and salt, that’s up to you.

2. House of Tigers

This place has come up with some revolutionary chilling drinks. One of them is the most popular Patiala Shikanjai, in other words Pomegranate lemonade.

If you are up for something new then do try their Patiala Shikanji, we are sure you will love it and will come back for more. Just go to Greater Kailash 1, M-18 , New Delhi and House of Tigers will be waiting for you with some good summer drinks. Feeling like having something? Try our Zomato coupons and order for a refreshing lemonade.

3. Third pick is Bunta bar

Hold on, did we heard it right a bar that serves bunta? Yes, it’s true. You should try out their Santa Whiskey or Khatta Vodka. It’s a must have on a sunny day out. Go to Janpath, head towards 76, 2nd floor. You will love their interiors. Lots of hard work has been poured in to make this place a must try.

4. Try out Nukkad café and bar in SDA market, New Delhi

If you are up for live music, then simply go to Nukkad café and bar. Enjoy their music while sipping on the best bunta. You can try Aam panna and Narangi. Although their list goes on, but these two are must haves. Don’t forget to check out their summer cocktails menu. It’s a perfect place to go with your boy gang.

5. Masala trail

So, this one might make you wait for your turn but it’s worth the wait. Try out their famous Shikanji. You will surely love their interiors with soft music playing all around.  So, if you are at Select City Walk,Saket, then do visit Masala Trail. Try our Swiggy coupons, if you don’t want to go out and enjoy a cool summer drink at the comfort of your home.

6. VedParakash Lemon wala

If you thought that we will only be talking about restaurants and bar, then let us surprise you with our Ved Prakash Lemon wala pick. When you are Chandni Chowk, you will see people running towards this small vendor for some juicy masala lemon soda. You will see people from all parts of Delhi flocking to this place to have a good sip of Lemon soda.

7. Zizo

Next in our list is Zizo, it could be a little expensive but it’s worth it. They serve some amazing Lebanese food and even better Mulberry and Strawberry lemonades. Considering the rising temperature of summer, it will be a loss if you miss out on these two. They surely know what to serve and when. The authentic environment makes them a must visit place in Delhi.

8. Pot Belly Roof top café

In for some delicious authentic Bihari cuisines? Then don’t think much and head towards Pot Belly Roof top Café in ShahpurJat, New Delhi. With their yummy unique cuisine, don’t forget to order onemirchi masala lemonade and apple lemonade. They will give you a quick taste of heaven! Amazing summer drinks are also waiting for you at InnerChef, use our InnerChef coupons to grab some of the best uplifting drinks.

We hope we could give you some awesome places to go and chill out for the summer. Try all these places and make this summer season a cool one.


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