Aquatica: Producer of the Luxury Rest

Reliable sanitary ware is one of the most necessary elements of a comfortable home. Additionally, it would be great if the stuff would be beautiful and stylish. So, there is a big important question – where can you find such things for the bathroom? Fortunately, your searching can be finished now because everything you are looking for is offered by Aquatica, from unique sinks for sale to freestanding faucets. You may ask why this particular company. The answer is below, and we are sure that it will persuade you.

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As we said previously, Aquatica produces all the necessary stuff for bathrooms. On their website or at the showroom in Miami, you can find a wide range of:

  • bathtubs
  • hot tubs
  • faucets
  • showers
  • sinks
  • bathroom furniture
  • waste overflows
  • accessories (towel holders, towel warmers, and so on)

All products can be customized because Aquatica is not a mediator or retailer ­ it is a manufacturer with a team of engineers and designers who can update anything according to your needs.


Aquatica fairly demonstrates all certificates and accreditation documents on the website. The company’s products have the certificate of cUPC, which is internationally admitted. Also, the level of safety of products can be proved by the fact that all Aquatica factories are located in the European Union member countries.


Aquatica aspires to make perfect goods that will match all the needs of their clients. It is a reason why a big team of professionals creates, tests, and patents a range of production technologies and materials. The material AquateX even won The Best Innovative Material of the Year award. The company never stops innovating and developing its products.

Finally, Aquatica has a qualified customer support office that is always ready to help. Also, they deliver their product anywhere so you can enjoy the perfect bathtub or sink in every corner of the globe.

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