Aadhaar Card Link To Bank Account

Government is gradually making the Aadhar card necessary for financial transactions in the country. From filing tax returns to getting a subsidy, the base has become necessary everywhere now. The bank is asking its customers to link the Aadhaar link to bank account. According to the notification issued by the Revenue Department, if the Aadhaar card is not linked to the bank account, the account can be closed.

Some banks have given the facility of linking online basis Some banks are asking to link the base through ATM.

1. First log in internet banking. After this, click update base card details or the Aadhaar card seeding option. After clicking, a new page will open, update your base card number and submit it.

2. The bank will ask you to confirm your mobile number and then the information will be mailed to your registered mobile number.

3. You can also link the Aadhaar number to your account by SMS. For this, your number must be registered with the bank. Customers of State Bank of India can write the Aadhaar Number and Account Number to 567676.

4. If your mobile number is not registered with the bank or your base is already linked, you will receive a message from the bank in reply to the reply. If your mobile number is registered with Banka, then the confirmation message will come in relation to the update. Many banks have not yet started facilitating updating the basis of SMS, so take the information from the Customer Care Helpline.

Some banks, including SBI, are also facilitating link card-based ATMs. For this, swipe the card into the ATM and enter your PIN and then select ‘Service Registration’ option. Select the option of Aadhaar card registration in this menu or select any relevant option.

1. After this, select your account type (saving/running) and update your Aadhaar card number.

2. There is no need to update the basis of the accounts of the public accounts and the account holders of the poor. Such accounts open on Self-Declaration. Such accounts are opened to the people of the disadvantaged sections of the society and any person above 18 years of age can open them without any help.

Customers who do not use the facility of internet banking can also easily associate their base with their bank account with offline help. For this, take note of the points given below.

First of all, get your Aadhar card and bank linking form from your bank or from any government website. You can also visit this link at this link. http://www.lpgsubsidy.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/formpdf

  • After downloading the form, print it with a cyber cafe, and read the entire form carefully. This form is the same for all banks.
  • After this, the vacant places given in the form once filled with caution.
  • This will include your bank’s name, bank branch, bank account number, base number etc.
  • After filling all the details, keep a copy of your base with this application along with it.
  • After this, submit this application to your bank’s employee. While depositing, the employee can demand the original Aadhaar card. So, keep it with you while leaving the bank.
  • The bank will confirm your application submitted on its own and you will be informed once the confirmation is made. This confirmation can take some time and you may be asked to come on any other day. You can track aadhaar bank link status by clicking here.


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