8 Steps For Healthy And Long Lasting Weave Hairs!

Hair weaves are everything to go; they can transform your look, add volume to your locks and can give you the most glamorous hairstyle in just a few minutes. However, it can cause more damage than good if it isn’t put and maintained with proper care.

Hair maintenance is all about knowing the right products and the right method of washing. It’s about taking care naturally by applying all the hair care rules that you normally follow on original hairs. If you want to keep your hair extension healthy and long-lasting, here are some rules:

Wash Appropriately:

When it comes to washing malaysian kinky straight weave, make sure you have all products in hand. Do everything that you normally do with the natural hairs.

Shampoo regularly or bi-week for smooth and shiny locks. For best results, concentrate the shampoo on the scalp and massage it gently with your fingertips. If you are wearing the weaves, move from the roots to the ends.

Minimum Washing:

While it is very important to wash your extensions, keep it minimum. Washing once in a month is fine if you are wearing clip-in extensions.

Of course, it might seem like a huge length of time, clip-ins don’t have natural oils, so washing them often will make them dull and dry.

Weaves Drying:

Do not rub the extension, instead squeeze the excess water and let it dry naturally. Arrange your wet strands carefully and brush them gently. If you are blow-drying, start from the roots and move to the ends.

Don’t Sleep With Extension:

Removing hair extension is as important as removing makeup before going to bed. And, if you are wearing clip-in extension, it becomes even more important. Keeping them with the hairs will make them become tangled and can also damage your clips.

When taking out the clip-ins, start from the top and move to the ends. Doing this will limit the tangling and will keep them damage-free. Additionally, if you have sewn-in extensions, keep them in hairs, but make sure to wear a scarf or sleeping cap when going to the bed.

Hair Brushing And Combing:

Gentle brushing and combing will not harm your hairs. Just place your fingers between the extensions and scalp and run it down to the roots. Do not brush your hairs when completely wet; make sure your heirs are semi-dry or damp.

If you have wavy hairs, brush them after washing, as the curls will become frizzy and dry after drying. However, if you have straight hairs, dampen them slightly and then run the brush. Straight hairs should be combed regularly to ensure tugged free strands.

Apply Oils To Your Scalp:

Whether you have a full 360-degree hair extension or just clip-ins,  your hair still needs nourishment. Apply natural oil under the weave on your scalp and massage them gently. Additionally, if the hair weave is made from human hairs, applying the little product will not hurt.

However, if you are wearing synthetic hairs weaves, avoid oils. Also, rather than dipping all hairs in the hair oil,   apply the product directly on the roots. Go for lightweight oils like coconut, jojoba or grapeseed oils.

Don’t Wear Tight Extensions:

One of the most common mistakes most women make is wearing hair extension too tight. The tight hairs put tension on hair follicles and can make your extension fall out. At worst, it can hamper your natural strands and can result in permanent hair loss.

Store Them With Care:

If you are wearing clip-in extensions, make sure to store them properly to prevent tangling.   Tie them in a ponytail and store it in an empty shoe box. Wrap each extension around each other before securing them with a hair tie.

While the extensions affords a lot of versatility,  use them effectively to revamp your hair game.

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