8 Rustic Fall Decor Ideas You Need to Try This October

The beginning of the Autumn season is officially upon us, and with it comes a whole new batch of decorating opportunities. 

The colors are changing, the air is getting colder, and the spookiest holiday of the year is about to come! So, it’s important to commemorate the change with some rustic fall decor inside and out. 

If you’re wondering where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the ultimate list of eight of the best fall ideas for rustic decorations. 

1. Fall Florals

Yes, you can still have floral fun in the fall season. In fact, there are several flowers that can brighten up your indoor and outdoor space. 

For example, sunflowers blend perfectly into the fall color palette with the bright yellows. There are many other types of flowers that fit into the autumnal palette. 

Zinnias, marigolds, and chrysanthemums all add some great petaled color to your outdoor ensembles. If you’re going for an indoor floral look, there are some great choices that even look a bit spooky, like Celosia flowers. 

2. Get Cozy 

One of the fall ideas you can add to your home is in the things that people can actually use every single day. The main options here are fluffy and comfortable — blankets and pillows. 

If your outdoor space allows for pillows and blankets, they can give off an inviting look. And obviously, inside, cozy blankets can add a lot to your living room or den. 

Blankets are not only fun but also can be used to coordinate with the fall colors of the space you’re placing them in. You can also play with the patterns and sizes of them to give off different effects. 

3. Pumpkins Galore

Of course, pumpkins must be included in all of the fall festivities! Pumpkins are great rustic decor for a variety of reasons: decorations, colors, and seasonal expectations. 

You can turn your fall decorations into a fun activity for your friends and family with pumpkins. Carving cute jack-o-lanterns isn’t a difficult task to facilitate, and if you’re nervous about the sharp objects, you can even just go to painting them. 

And while pumpkins are a great gourd to decorate with, you can’t forget about all the other little squashes you can use! 

4. Spooky Season

Now, while this list deals with the best fall rustic decorations, you can’t forget about the Halloween season. Whether you’re aiming to make it on someone’s top ten spooky decorations list or don’t want to stick out with a dull home, picking a few decorations up could never hurt. 

You can go for a cuter look with simple bats and cobwebs and pumpkins to create a fun and welcoming Halloween house. Or you can go all-out with the gore and scares, with the moving Halloween statues and fake tombstones for an eerie vibe. 

Just make sure you leave the candy out to make the trip to your front steps worth it!

5. Wreaths 

Wreaths aren’t just reserved for Christmas time. In fact, people have found ways to make wreaths work in a year-round setting, with different themes for different seasons. 

In the fall, wreaths look especially great with the warm colors of the leaves. Most craft stores have fake leaf vines in stock and even some wreath bases for all of your creative needs. 

You can also add in some fake birds and berry branches to add to the variety in your festive fall wreath. This is also a fun activity to do with friends or family if you want to make it a whole little event. 

6. Patterns on Patterns

Patterns and texture can make a big difference when it comes to the “rustic” look. Rustic fall decor exudes the “exposed” image, so choosing items that add dimension to your home or front porch make for game-changers. 

Along these lines include exposed wood or beaded pillowcases. Some bamboo chairs can create a beautiful fall essence to any space that requires a seat. 

Mixing and matching with different patterns and textures can be what brings your original touch to your fall decorations. So have a little fun when you’re designing and pick out what best speaks to you!

7. Worlds Collide

If you’re looking for more ways to combine the ideas in this ultimate list, there’s another creative piece you can make with two of the tips: pumpkin flower vases.  

Talk about a blend of textures! 

These can be beautiful centerpieces or cute front door type displays depending on how big or small you go with them. Again, these decorations are the kind you can find at the store or create yourself with the gathering of some materials and a little bit of time. 

Just make sure you know what kind of care your flowers will need if you’re using real ones.

8. Go Nuts

Finally, a quirkier suggestion for the perfect fall decoration inspiration is nuts: nuts! 

Acorns and pinecones are some of the most common associations with the fall season and can add the perfect little amount of spice to your wreath or centerpiece. You can also use acorns and pinecones as inspirations for patterns for blankets, pillows, and wall pictures. 

They also make a great filler for clear glass vases if you’re displaying fun flowers and wanting to make a simple arrangement a little more eye-catching. What’s also great about these additions is that they come in different shapes and sizes, so you can have a lot of fun picking and choosing which items will go best where. 

The Perfect Time for Rustic Fall Decor 

So there you have it, eight simple, easy, and fun rustic fall decor ideas that you can add to your home today. As the air gets colder and the colors of the leaves start to change, make sure that you’re also getting ready to change up your home setup as well. 

You’ll find yourself fitting right into the seasonal change in no time!

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