7 Most Important Skills to Win Consistently at Slots

Anyone hitting the casino, whether in person or online, is looking to win and win big. The challenge to this is the random nature of most if not all the games one can play at the casino. It is very hard to accurately predict the outcome of any game.

This is why people rarely win the Powerball lottery. There are, however, a few things that you can do to increase your chances of success significantly. Remember, you cannot predict the future, what you can do is put yourself in the best possible position to win.

Before I lay out all the tricks, it is important to understand how the house makes its money. In each game that you decide to play, there exists a mathematical probability of your success. The house makes its money whether you win or lose.

When you lose, they get all your money and split it in part with other people who win their games. On the other hand, the house makes its money from winners by paying less than the actual odds for winning. For example, if you play a game with actual odds of 20:1, the house will likely payout at a rate of 18:1.

Identify Games with Banked Bonuses

Have you played Racing 7s before? If you have, you may have noticed that the closer the racing 7s were to the finish line, the higher your chances of winning the bonus cash. The logic behind games like this is simple, the bonus pay accumulates slowly as a certain event happens in the game.

Most players get frustrated as they keep playing without any wins because they do not get this. Getting in early means you may have to play until the banked bonus has reached a payout amount. The simpler method to win at such games is to look for slot machines where the banked bonus is much closer to paying out.

If you get in on a game of Racing 7s when the 7s are close to the finish line, it will take significantly less time to win the bonus. Some other games that work with the same rationale include Piggy Bankin, Fort Knox, and Buccaneer Gold.

Choose Your Slot Games Wisely

Think of slot machines like a strategic playing field. There are some games where the likelihood of winning put you on odd ends with very unlikely statistics. Stay away from those games at all cost, they are skewed for the house to win and significantly decrease your chances of winning.

One way to analyze the games is based on their volatility. Low volatility means the games payout often but with very small amounts, these guarantee a win after a short time playing. High volatility games have a lower payout frequency but often have a very high payout.

There is a third category for volatility, the medium which falls smack in the middle of these two. Before you play any slot games, take your time to identify the volatility of the game and then make a more informed decision.

Go Jackpot Hunting

You can go to a casino and simply hang around the slot machines before playing. While you watch them, be on the lookout for the amounts that each machine payout. Soon you will be able to calculate an average payout amount.

This amount is relatively around the same level for a given slot machine depending on the complex mechanisms it uses to generate random results. If the average payout for a given slot machine jackpot is somewhere around $3000, it is best to enter that jackpot once the figure gets to $3000.

This does not guarantee a win. However, it increases your winning odds significantly, and you would not have to play the jackpot for too long.

Play Games with Bonus Skill Events

Slot machines are an entertainment hub and, therefore, are designed to keep you playing as long as possible. This is a downside as well as an upside.

All games with a skill-based bonus event always have a guaranteed bonus payout for skills. According to the New York Times, the slot machines are meant to get you hooked.

The most skilled player is likely to win at the skill-based events and this also increases their odds of actually winning the game itself. An example of a skill game is Centipede.

Play Games with a Guaranteed RTP

Return to a player is a percentage of likelihood that a player using a given slot machine will win a game. Calculating this figure on your own is a lot like guesswork because it requires a functioning knowledge of how the game works. However, some slot machines and online slot machines to be specific are generous enough to put their RTP out there.

These games offer a higher likelihood of winning. The higher the specified RTP, the higher your chances of winning are. Review as many physical and online casinos as you can. OnlineCasinoGems is an online aggregator which looks at slots games with guaranteed RTP on all slots which I’ve used in the past. I love their in-depth reviews, thorough research and amazing attention to details.

Stay Away from Branded Slots

Remember how in the months leading up to the release of the final season of Game of Thrones the show had banded merchandise flying around everywhere? They had slot machines as well. The point of these slot machines is to act as advertisements with little else in mind.

The reason for this is the cost of licensing to make the said machines. To make back that money, slot machines of this kind have lower RTP and offer even lower odds. You can read more about the branding genius of the show on Medium.

Avoid Progressive Slots

Slot machines usually have a payout that keeps growing as more people play. This is a good thing if the eventual payout is not too high. The problem comes in when the slot machine has a payout that runs into millions.

You might end up losing a lot of money where you could have avoided the loss altogether. The next time you see an advert for slot machines where you could potentially win millions, according to CNN edition, it is better to keep walking. Stick to playing online casino games with reasonable wins.

Happy Gambling

Now that you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, go out and find the best slot machine games for you. Be smart about your gaming, do not be greedy, and enjoy your wins.

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